July 1, 2016

About the same time last year, my wife Tina and I were drinking in our small porch as we usually do. I remember telling her that from where I came from, and considering that I never finished college or liked school at all, I was quite contented with how my life with her turned out. I am not an ambitious person and neither have I longed to be rich.


Our Perfect Life

Our Perfect Life

Tina in Lake Sebu

Tina in Lake Sebu

I told her, as we talked about our life that night, that with our three children all grown up, done with school and already working, and having a modest house and some material luxuries, my life as I know it is “perfect”. As a bonus, I have a beautiful successful wife who after all these years remains to be as attractive or even more than when I first met her.

“I cannot ask for anything more” I said. At that point, I was expressing my gratitude for my good fortune, a perfect family with no serious problems.

Perfect Life, with my beautiful wife Tina


Bali, Indonesia

About two weeks later, sometime in early June, Tina and I had just come from her Company outing in Baserri in Lipa Batangas, when she started complaining about some pain in her upper back. I immediately assured her that it was probably because she was tired from the excursion.

A few days later, the pain wouldn’t go away and we had to see an orthopaedic doctor but he wasn’t able to address the problem. Tina was then referred to a spine specialist who ordered an MRI of her lower back and some other tests but they didn’t show any problem. She also underwent an EMG or Electromyography, to test her muscles and nerves. Still, they didn’t find anything wrong.

At that point, we were getting worried because her pain was worsening and the doctors couldn’t find the problem. We were googling all sorts of illnesses and it added to our anxiety.

She was also made to attend some therapy sessions, in an attempt to ease her pain but it didn’t really improve her condition.

On June 12, Philippine Independence Day, Tina, Samantha my daughter and I went on a holiday in Bali, Indonesia. On our 2nd day in Bali, Tina started complaining about her back and that she was already feeling some numbness of her buttocks, legs and feet. In fact she was already having difficulty walking and she could no longer go around. That night, I kept on massaging her back because it was very painful. What was worrying for us was her numbing. She became downhearted and kept on crying.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Upon arriving in Manila after the trip we went to the doctors again. After a consultation with the spine specialist, the doctor advised that we should go and consult a neurologist.

Frustrated and very worried, we went home in time for dinner. During our dinner, my daughter Samantha told us that she was talking to her office mate about Tina and by stroke of coincidence, her office mate mentioned that her father, Dr. Amado San Luis is a veteran Neurologist in UERM hospital. We immediately set an appointment with him the next day.

Dr. San Luis looked like a senior and veteran doctor and he was very nice, almost fatherly like. He did some tests on Tina’s reflexes and even made her walk in the office. After the tests, he suggested another MRI of the upper spine at the Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital.

Tina underwent an MRI and the following day, we ourselves got the test results and we were to bring to Dr.San Luis in UERM. In the car, Tina couldn’t help but read the results written by the specialist. It read that she had a tumor inside her spinal cord and it appeared to be malignant. And when she googled the meaning of the terms, she cried and cried because it was saying that she had cancer. I cried with her.

When we reached the clinic of Dr. San Luis and he confirmed to us the results and he was also very sympathetic. He asked if we were religious and he said prayers can do a lot. We could not believe what we were hearing. Our “perfect world” had just crumbled. It was the saddest day of my life. The prospect of losing the love of my life, my perfect partner, stared me in the face. My Tina, my beautiful and wonderful wife of 30 years, was going to die.

I cannot begin to tell you how deeply sad and distressed I was. I’ve seen death before when two of my dear brothers also succumbed to cancer. The ordeal was always heavy and depressing. But when we found out that Tina , my Tina, was faced with the dreaded disease, my entire being was shattered.

My poor Tina. She was always fit and healthy. Always exercising and watching her diet. How on earth did she get a tumor?

When we got home, I tried to comfort her. She was extremely sad. But I remember as we lay in bed that afternoon, we agreed not to question God. Times like this, the natural tendency of people is to find blame and be angry. But for some reason, we knew it was wrong to question our God.

When my daughter arrived home and we told her the bad news she embraced her mother tightly and cried like a little child. “No mom, noooo!” she kept on saying as she hugged her mother. That sad scene will forever be etched in my mind. Then we called up my son Paolo and met him in Project Pie in Pasay.

Paolo was going to get married that December. When Tina told her the situation, he was calm and said that everything was going to be okay. Paolo is strong and he is not one to cry in public. This somewhat helped us to be strong too.

It was harder when we phoned Carlo, my eldest who lives in the States. He was devastated. He is our first born and he was very emotional about it. Our family essentially revolves around Tina, being the mother of our children and it was so depressing.

Dr. San Luis suggested that we see a neurosurgeon. He arranged for an appointment with a certain Dr. Mercado in Cardinal Santos hospital.

But then I thought of my friend who also had a brain tumour and asked her who her doctor was. She referred us to Dr. Vesagas also of Cardinal Santos Hospital. When we went there and met him, he explained that he was more of a brain surgeon and that Tina needed spine specialist.

Coincidentally he said, “the whole team is right here now”. And that’s when we met with Dr. Eduardo Mercado, Dr. Michael Louis Gimenez and and Dr. Gilbert J. Rañoa, Cardinal Santos’ neurosurgeons who are spine specialists. They studied the MRI of Tina’s cervical spine and did some reflex tests on her.

Dr. Mercado is a tall and senior doctor with a booming voice. He speaks like a professor and has a reputation of being the best neurosurgeon in the country. After doing some reflex tests on Tina and after having examined the MRI results, he explained to her the situation, as I listened.

Tina’s symptoms, of tingling and numbness of her legs and hips, including pains and back discomfort is being caused by the tumor inside her spinal cord. The spinal cord he explained is very much like the brain. It is made up of nerves and sensors that are responsible for all our body functions.

The tumor is located between the C7 and the T 1. Meaning it’s in between the last cervical spine and the first Thoracic spine. It’s in the upper portion of the spine. Left alone, the tumor could grow and affect her body functions including the brain.




It is therefore imperative to remove the tumor by surgery. The upside is it is located at the rear or posterior of the spine making it more accessible. The surgery will take about 5-6 hours. Tina will temporarily feel weakening of the senses of her legs. She will probably need to stay in the hospital for 7-10 days and physical therapy will immediately commence.

She will need a private nurse. Dr. Mercado expects her to recover in 1 month. Whether the tumor is malignant or not will be determined by biopsy. He said to think and believe “BENIGN”!

Dr. Mercado somehow gave us hope and uplifted our spirits. While there was a chance that the tumor was malignant, he said there was no point of worrying because that can only be determined through a biopsy after the surgery. Tina was very brave all the while that Dr. Mercado was explaining things to us.

Upon learning of Tina’s condition, her sister Carmel immediately flew out to come home from the US and be with her.

That weekend, we went to the Shrine of St. Padre Pio in Sto. Tomas Batangas. It is a newest shrine in the Philippines. We heard mass there and for some coincidence, one of the church ladies approached Tina and asked her to be one of the offerers. During the offertory, as I watched Tina march back from the altar, the afternoon sun shone on her face and I swear, she looked like she was glowing. As she sat down beside me, I whispered to her, “Gagaling ka.”

St. Padre Pio Shrine

St. Padre Pio Shrine


Days before the operation, Dr. San Luis told us that his friend who is a nun was in the verge of death. He asked us to write letters to God, which she would hand carry to heaven. We wrote our petitions in earnest, hoping and believing that our letters would be read in heaven. I asked that Tina’s life be spared. The nun passed away a couple of days later.

We checked in on July 6, 2015, at the Cardinal Santos for Tina’s spine surgery first thing in the morning the following day, July 7. The day of the surgery was the longest day of my life. It was nerve wracking and distressful. My dear wife is undergoing a delicate spine operation and we would soon find out if indeed she had cancer. During her operation, we waited. I went to the hospital chapel downstairs and literally knelt down on all the 21 statues of saints and prayed like I never prayed before.


Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital Operating Room

Tina, Samantha and I before the Operation

Tina, Samantha and I before the Operation

Tina’s parents were also in the room waiting. After about 7 hours, Dr. Mercado came to the room and explained to us what happened. They opened up her spine and got a piece of the tumor. They had a pathologist immediately get an initial assessment and the tests showed that it was benign!

Tina Recovering Fast after the Operation

Tina Recovering Fast after the Operation

I can never forget that moment when Dr. Mercado sat down with Tina’s mother and said that wondrous word, “benign”. My Tina, the love of my life, does not have cancer and she will live longer and she will not die as we feared. There will be no need for further treatment, no chemotherapy, no radiation and she can live a normal life.

The Bigwigs in heaven answered all our prayers. That was a year ago and while Tina has to live with some discomforts in her back and some numbness in her legs because of nerve damage, she is now healthy and happily alive.


Tina and Ricky Today!

Tina and Ricky Today!

This experience has brought our family closer and our love for one another, stronger. It has also strengthened our faith in the good Lord. I learned through this ordeal that no life is perfect no matter how comfortable and lucky one may think. Grateful as I was in feeling that I had everything, God reminded me that there can never be a perfect life without Him at the center.

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  1. Joey Jimenez says:

    Ricky, That was very moving and inspiring. Couldn’t help being pulled in by all events you have shared here. God Bless all of you, and thank you for sharing this and for us to learn to appreciate every moment we have with our loved ones in this life. You, Tina and The kids will always be included in my prayers. God is great! Joey J.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hey Joey, glad you liked this story. I guess the Lord worked thru me when I started writing. So many others got to read it and it’s been overwhelming and humbling. Thanks Joey!

      • Jannette says:

        Thank you for sharing your very inspiring journey during Tina’s illness. Your deep love & dedication served as Tina’s source of strenght during those days and above all God answered your fervent pleading for His compassion. Miracles still happen for those who firmly believe & rest everything to God’s care.

        • ridingintandem says:

          We feel very blessed with how things turned out. There is no other way to see it than calling it a miracle. God loves us. Thank you Janette!

      • Ricky Cerdenia says:

        Dear Ricky and Tina,
        Thank you for sharing your story and for spreading the glory of God. Truly inspiring testimony of our Lord who truly answers prayers of His faithful.

  2. lj says:

    thank you so much Sir for sharing this,, its worth a read.God Bless your Family po.

  3. Ces Cannon says:

    Thank you. Really. Thank you so much.

  4. Mye Mulingtapang says:

    Praise the Lord!
    Thank you for that inspiring words. We need this testimony to uplift us in our situation. God bless you and Tina and the rest of the family.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Mye! I am happy our story inspired you. I just know everyone has a good story that needs telling.

  5. JojoA says:

    praise God in all circumstances… thanks for sharing your beautiful story of God’s healing love …

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Jojo, actually we’ve met thru a mutual friend Anton Aguas when we checked out your car one day.Regards and God bless!

  6. Aima Daid says:

    Thank you Lord Almighty! I read thru it and felt every word. I am so happy for you. ! I also had the same experience but its in my throat and im a mother of 4 and the ordeal was really hard. The waiting stage is devastating. Again, you are right we always have to put God in the center of our lives. I am a nurse and a health consultant from Taiwanese company. We have product that can ease Tina’s back discomforts and alleviate her small pains. As i startt to read your letter i didnt know its a spine problem, but i think He wants me to read thru it. I have personal patients who had 2surgeries of spine and they use our product and are very thankful for the full back support it gives them esp after having double spine surgeries. I am here to help, get intouch with me. Not selling simply sharing … its good to try nothing to lose all ti gain. Again prayers of thankfulness said for you! Amen!

    • Nancy wong says:

      Hi ms aima, today i read the story of riky & tina. It was so touching that my faith in God increases all the more.
      My mom had chronic backpain and she’s been taking opiod meds for the past 3yrs. You were recommeding a certain kind of back pain meds. May i know more about it? I hope it can help my 90 yo mom.
      Pls chek my fb nancy wong. I am wearing a violet dresd. Hope to hear from you. Thank you!!

      • Lilian co says:

        Hi Ms. Aima

        Interested to know what med. My mother in law is suffering of back pain too. Thanks

        • Denise says:

          Hi Nancy. As I was reading through I could not help but share with you something too. If you are familiar with the power of molecular hydrogen. I’ts an amazing product which is considered to be the most powerful and selective anti-oxidant. Check out the website I posted. PM me if interested.

        • Lorna Montana says:

          Hi Ms. Aima! I read thru his experience about his Tina’s situation and of Gods healing power. I personally have cervical spine bulges as well as in my lumbar which give me discomforts, back pains arm pains and numbness.
          I have underwent physical therapies for numerous sessions already but the pains are not totally gone.
          I am very much interested to know more of your meds you’ve mentioned here. Please I’m begging you to spare time in getting in touch with me to tell me more about your products that may help my discomforts.
          Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soonest.
          Here is my email address:
          Best Regards.

      • Denise says:

        2 things
        1. God is indeed good! All we have to do is have faith and put our trust in Him and His plans for us.
        2. I cannot help but share this thought with you. If you are familiar with the power of hydrogen, it is the most powerful yet selective antioxidant. There have been a lot of testimonies about it. Check my website and if interested PM me.

      • Pamela Anne Buenaventura says:

        Hi ms..aima… iam interested too about the meds… suffering left upper back pain for almost 3 yrs now… thank u and god blesss… this is my email add:

      • Tina Montecillo says:

        Hello Nancy, thank you for your good intention. May I know what the medicine is called? I have chronic back pain. Some days are bad and some days, pain is bearable plus the permanent numbing I have on both legs which feels heavy at the end of the day.
        Hope to hear from you.
        Take care and God bless you more.

    • Gudilla De matias says:

      Hi Aima. Thanks for the information you shared about the medicine. Please give me more info about it. Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you & God bless.

    • Marichu says:

      Hi Aima, my mother is also suffering from back pains due to compressed lumbar section of her spine. Hope you can send me additional info on the medicine that you have mentioned. Kindly email me at Thank you

      God is truly Good. He is our greatest Healer! Glory be to God.

    • Grace Buaron says:

      Hi Aima, my son is suffering pain in his spine. He is undergoing therapy, I want to know more about the product you mentioned. Thank you & God bless!!!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Aima, Tina is curious to know more about the product you mentioned. Thank you for sharing.

    • beth Atencio says:

      prayers your way Tina and Ricky and your family . God is good !!!
      I’m hoping for your full recovery. GOD BLESS .

      Hi Aima Daid ……please send me information about the medicine you mentioned .I’m suffering from back pains and have issues about my lumbar/sacral spine too .Thanks a million. Like u said , got to try what’s available .

  7. Melinda Gonzal Dolar says:

    God is good all the time.

    • ridingintandem says:

      All the time Melinda. Thank you so much.

      • Joselito Teruel says:

        Yes, He answer our prayers. I live here in Texas and something had came up to us too as a family. We are still facing it with prayers because we know we are not alone with this fight. Glad to have read your story. Sure, we probably need a reminder to always put God in the middle of our lives. Also, the situation had made us closer as family as well as I guess closer to God. God bless!

  8. Maria Lourdes Napao says:

    What a beautiful story,I always keep my slogan in Life Prayers can move mountains even in heavens, I do believe that you have to start your day with the Lord , nothing is perfect but it can be with God , To God be the Glory!! Amen?.

  9. Ricky Peña says:

    Thanks for sharing. Truly inspiring how God works in mysterious ways.

  10. Rowell says:

    Praise God.

  11. Cristy Palma says:

    I was literally crying while reading your post, especialy the part about breaking the news to your children. The pain can be felt just reading it. Truly, there is no problem that God will leave unresolved. He is always there to help moreso if He can feel the sincerity of the prayers. Thanks to St. Padre Pio and to the good nun who handcarried your letter to God. He answered them. He led you also to the team of specialists who performed the operation. Even if I don’t know you personally, please receive my warm congratulations for the healing and recovery of your wife, Tina. Indeed, God is good all the time and always ready to help whenever someone calls for His help. Thanks for sharing.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Cristy for your thoughtful comment. I believe the angels led us to meet the right people at the right time to help Tina get the proper treatment. It is providential. Have a blessed day.

  12. Jhiena SAYSON says:

    Praise God.. God is good all the time.
    God bless you Tina and your family.

  13. James Concepcion says:

    Sir I want to shake ur hand and hug ur wife for being strong and let God do the works. Pinaiyak mo ko hehe

    God bless us all. God is good. Always!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you James. It was really a trying time for us and we felt compelled to share our story to others. God bless you too!

  14. susan marcelo says:

    God is really good. He answers all prayers. God was in your midst during your most trying times. Thank you for sharing your story and it is a living testimony of how good god is and he really listens and answers all our prayers. It is really a test of faith. To God be the Glory. God bless.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Susan! Thank you for your comments. We are so grateful with the turn of events and we thank God foremost! God bless!

  15. Elmer Garcia says:

    Thank you for sharing your story of love for Tina that knows no bound.

  16. raliza andrade says:

    God is good 🙂

  17. Ildefonso berdan says:

    Wow that was a miracle…god is good. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story

  18. GP Dondonay says:

    I was crying while reading your story……I didn’t realize what you and your family were going through when we saw you at the church. It’s very true that no matter how simple and perfect our lives seem to be, there is always a cross that will lead us to our creator. He is really amazing….God is good all the time. Praise God.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you GP! During those times, we tried to put up a strong front and we chose to suffer in private where we found dignity. Now that Tina is over the hill, we can now proclaim the good news! God bless!

  19. Nannet Navea says:

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring life story with your loving and beautiful wife im reading your story i felt how sweet and loving you are to gina just like my husband to me.. and when the part of tina is having a back pain i suddenly feel that i have too but mine is lower back pain lumbar and i also feel the tingling pain i went to see a doctor had an e ray of my lumbar and the doctor said its like arthritis… and as my friend told me its the sciatic nerve and maybe i have sciatica and i googled all about sciatic nerve.. sciatica and all i need is just stretching which i do every morning or as often as i want to..and everytime i do it it really helped me walk normally… i didnt go to have my mri as per instruction of my doctor .. bec im afraid.. all i do now is continue my streching exercise and prayers .. and using wonder healing device my mom gave me .. and also hèlped me eased the pain.. May the good Lord continue to heal tina and bless your family i Jesus name i pray..Amen

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Nannet, our experience brought us much closer as a couple and as a family. I am concerned that you too have back pains. I hope you take advantage of the new medical treatments available, starting with the MRI to determine the real cause of your condition. I will pray you muster the courage to take the right steps towards healing. God bless you.

    • Nune says:

      There is an open type MRI. Your body is the only one enclosed. Above your chest up to,your head is open. Another thing which helped lower back pain is to put 1 or 2 pillows(whatever is convenient for you) under your thighs & legs, more or less below your knees when you sleep at night. Try this. It helped me.
      God bless.

    • Nune says:

      There is an open type MRI. Your body is the only one enclosed. Above your chest up to,your head is open. Another thing which helped lower back pain is to put 1 or 2 pillows(whatever is convenient for you) under your thighs & legs, more or less below your knees when you sleep at night. Try this. It helped me.
      God bless.

  20. Mylene Ramiro says:

    you made me cry sir ricky…i never knew you had to go through this. but you are so right that there is a merciful God who hears our cries and prayers. thank you for sharing your story and make us realize to live life and love it having God in the center. Gob bless your family sir.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Mylene! We chose to suffer in quiet dignity. But after all the blessings and healing, we felt compelled to tell our story and it has been humbling. God bless you!

  21. Adeth Aguirre says:

    Thank you Ricky for sharing …. Yes God is good all the time. Just keep our faith.

  22. Hana San Luis says:

    The neurologist is my dad. I am happy for all of you and that he was able to be part of your miracle.

    • Emelie Tracy says:

      Thanks to you, your Dad And the neuro team for being a part of this miracle. God bless you all

      • Jasmin Pangan Matienzo says:

        Your Dad was an instrument of God in giving hope to those who need it. He empathizes with them So glad to have known him when I was a student nurse in.UERM. May God continue to bless Dr. Amado San Luis and his family.

    • mafe says:

      Hi hello Hana! May I know the address of the Hospital I live in cebu city!thanks or u can email me the address
      The reason I ask the add.bec.I have a problem about the same like Tina! I want to go to the doc.derictly neurologist especialist!thanks a lot.

      • ridingintandem says:

        The name of Tina’s Neuro-Surgeon is Dr. Eduardo Mercado. You may contact his clinic in CArdinal Santos Memorial Hospital at tel.nos. 727-00-01 to 44, 727-00-18 to 48 Local 2246-2248. Direct Line 726-96-15. Hope everything works out. God bless.

        • shein says:

          Hello po thank you for sharing such an inspiring story God has been so good. But i just would like to also commend the participation of an efficient and excellent PATHOLOGIST who rendered the final diagnosis and helped the SURGEONS to determined the benignity of the case of your dear wife TINA.
          Thank you again sir i hope everyone is reminded that no matter how huge is your problem, there is always one up there who would patiently listen and will give his most powerful intervention. To God be the glory.

          • ridingintandem says:

            Hi Shein, Dr. Edwin Muñoz? We thank him too for his diagnosis! It was the best news ever. God bless him!

    • tina montecillo says:

      Hello Hana, you are so fortunate to have him as your dad. I was touched on how kind and caring he was during those difficult days. Really, he was directed to us by God. May he always be healthy.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Hanna, your dad is an angel sent to us. He is very kind and compassionate and he even took time out to reach out to us and send our letters to heaven thru his friend who was dying. You are so blessed to have a father like him. God bless you and your family.

  23. Rosalie L. Soldevilla says:

    Just in time when things seem don’t go well. Thank you sir for sharing this inspiring occurence in your family. God really takes over. We just keep on believing.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Yes Rosalie, He takes over just over every time! I am glad our story inspired a lot of readers! We are so blessed and humbled. Thank you.

  24. Annie Rañoa says:

    I’m glad your wife is doing well. God has extended his healing hands through Dr. Mercado and his team. I’ll make sure that they will be able to read the kind words you’ve said. Like you, I am also proud of my wife, Gilbert m, one of the surgeons who took care of your wife ? God bless you and your family!

    • Annie Rañoa says:

      *Proud of my husband rather

      • ridingintandem says:

        Thank you Annie! Such a fine team of doctors and decent human beings. I see how busy they are everyday, saving lives and doing a good job! Lucky us that we still have doctors who are clearly true to their calling. You are fortunate to be married to Doc. Gilbert!

  25. Mae says:

    Thank you for sharing the Lords powerful hand at work . HE will not forsake us , We live always with hope that everything will be fine in His time . This is how we take each day as it comes with regards to our daughters health . I wish you well tina !

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Mae, we found the Lord in our darkest hour and He heard our prayers. We will forever be grateful for our blessings. I will pray for your daughter Mae, and ask for healing. Be strong, hopeful, and trust the God will takeover. Bless you.

  26. mars mendoza says:

    Thank you and i hope to meet with tina and ricky.

  27. Eleanor says:

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring story.May the Good LORD continue to bless your relationship and family as well. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

  28. Bernadette dela cruz says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful and inspiring story. I am so touched by how your family love of GOd deepen bacause of that incident. God is good all the time. And i hope the supplement that i will be sharing you would help you and your family healthy. Please take USANA essentials this supplement would help to generate total body health. Providing the body with optimum cellular nutrients. 13 vitamins, 13 minerals, and more than 20 powerful antioxidants plus USANA’s patented olivol which is a very powerful antioxidant against oxidative stress. This is to maintain our health. You can also check and ask your doctor about it.

    Love lots,
    Bernadette dela Cruz

  29. Jonjon Jardenil says:

    Thank you for this Sir. Im also a husband and a father. Our family is the center of our young lives. With your story maybe I have to make more effort in making Him more involved within us. No need to wait for an experience similar to yours. God bless.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Yes Jonjon, I guess this is one of the lessons of our story. No life is perfect or we can never find true bliss unless we have God at the center of our existence!

  30. Makis says:

    Hi Tina & Ricky! Loved the inspiring story of love, faith and miracles!
    Life becomes perfect with just love and faith.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hello Makis! Glad to have inspired you and so many others with our life story! Hope to bump into you soon!

  31. Joe Ferreria says:

    What a wonderful story of victory over death and illness, of the love of a husband for his wife, of the genuine care and concern of family and friends. Thank you so much for reminding all of us that indeed we are not alone in this world. Be it victory or defeat God, our true friends and family are at our side pulling for us.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Joe, thank you for your comments. Truly, we share our story of as testimony that God loves us all and it is ultimately to Him that we will find comfort. Tina and our family feel blessed.

  32. Iya Santos says:

    I’m sure you made God smile with this story. From our deepest pain comes our highest calling. I believe you’re called to profess that our God is a miracle-giving God and that perfection is truly achieved through Him.

    God bless you and your family more!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Iya, I like the thought that God smiled after reading this story. Do you know that as of today, the blog was viewed by 450,000 times already! Tina and our family are so thrilled and humbled. God bless you too Iya!

  33. julie malaluan says:

    as i finished reading what you’ve been through, i realized that i’m crying, avery sad story and a happiest one too for your family, wish you all the best, and for Tina, you’re so brave to passed all those hurdles, but i know too, that God is always there and guided you….

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Julie, actually it was already one year ago but as I started to re-live what happened, it still gets me sad. Tina and our family are so grateful that our prayers were answered. I hope others, too, will be inspired by it. Thank you.

  34. Grace says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. May the good Lord continue to bless your family .

  35. Cecile Orozco says:

    Very inspiring #kapit??
    Be thankful for what we have everyday.

  36. june says:

    hi ricky & tina, my heart was in my throat as i was reading your story! all praises & thanksgiving to our wondrous God! He owns & directs our lives, so just leave it all up to Him and just follow! I am happy for the great news that tina is well ! God loves you!!!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hello June! I am happy you liked the story! We hope more people will read it and be inspired! The lessons learned are far reaching and truly a blessing. Thank you!

  37. Janiece clemente says:

    God’s has plan for tina…. Me my mom died last june 18 it was very devastated coz she was very alive, strong and healthy i saw her june 16 in the morning then at 4pm in the afternoon my brother in law called me saying that my mom has no pulse… G0d i dont know what to say or react….

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Janiece, please accept our sincere condolences for your loss. Someone just told me that it is very painful to lose ones’ mother. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

  38. lorelei dela cruz says:

    thank u po s pg share ng inyong story..binasa q talaga at inunawa dhil s ngayon po ay kasalukuyang dinadanas ng aking anak s kasal ang tumor s my pisngi nya..naaawa n po aq s knya bumabagsak n ung katawan nya..maswerte po kyo at nasa inyo ang kakayahan n maipagamot c mam Tina..sya po wala po kakayahan mgpagamot dhil salat n salat po cla s pera..s lunes po kailangan nya ma ctscan para maumpisahan n dn radiation nya pero hnggng s oras n Ito ay kulang p ung pera n kalingan nya which is 19000 n pinanghingan p s mga relatives nya..umaasa n dn lng po kmi s dasal at bukas po plano dn nmin sumimba ky padre pio at isasama q po sya at bgla q sya naalala ng mabasa q kwento nyo..sana po pghimalaan dn sya..God bless po s family nyo at thank u s pgshare ng story nyo…

    • ridingintandem says:

      Dear Lorelei, maganda ang naging resulta ng aming panalangin sa Diyos na sigurado ko ay natulungan ni Sto. Padre Pio. Ipagdadasal ko po yun ina-anak ninyo. Lakasan nyo po ang loob niyo. God bless you.

  39. weng says:

    Thank you for your amazing & inspiring story.
    Truly God is our Healer!
    To God be the Glory!

  40. Bend nabong says:

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring testimony. Please continue to share His goodness and amazing grace so that more people will believe and surrender to His will. God is always in control.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Dear Bend, thank you for your comments. Would you believe that as of today, there have been more than 450,000 views of our story! To us, this alone is a miracle! So many hearts are being touched and hopefully it will bring more souls closer to God! Amazing!

  41. Ping Aquino says:

    There’s really a miracle that will happen if we pray hard and have faith in God. Life is worth living if we put Him in the center of our family. Thanks for sharing with us your testimonies that help each one if us to really put the trust in our Almighty Lord.God is really Good:)

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Ping, thank you for your insightful comments. We were so blessed that God healed Tina. God, indeed, is really Good.

  42. Esther says:

    Miracles happen when you believe. God answers prayer even if we don’t say a word. He knows what’s in our hearts. Praise God!

  43. Lei Agbayani-de Jesus says:

    The story of your family is so moving. I can’ t help but feel emotional. God really works in mysterious ways. The response of your family to the problem is so inspiring. Thank you very much for sharing your story. May God continue to bless you and your family.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Lei, thank you for your comments. I am very glad that our story inspired so many people. We are very blessed and humbled. God Bless you and your family,too.

  44. Cecille says:

    Like Cristy and James can’t help crying while reading. An inspirational story that will help us strengthen our faith and become more closer as a family. Your wife is a living witness that with God nothing is impossible. So happy for your family. God bless us all.

    • ricky says:

      Hello Cecile, I’m glad it touched your hearts. I just wanted to bare our story because of how it affected our family. Thank you for your kind words!

  45. Mina Lucilyn Malalis Dizon says:

    Thank you Sir Ricky for sharing your experienced of God’s Love and Great Healing Power. God bless you and Ma’am Tina and your children!!

  46. Ayi Mascariña says:

    I cried on the mid part of the story, I felt the excruciating pain when my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer way back January of 2014. God is indeed good to His people. I love your story, it was inspiring and my outlook in life changed. Big thanks to your sir. God bless your family.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Sorry to hear about your mom Ayi. I already lost two brothers due to cancer and it’s really sad. Tina is so blessed to be healed. We are happy you find inspiration with our story and hopefully this will help many others too. Thank you.

  47. cristina says:

    God is good all the time…habang binabasa ko po ito ako po ay napaiyak…lagi lang po tayo magdasal at wag makakalimot sa panginoong poong maykapal…

    • ridingintandem says:

      Salamat Cristina. Nalungkot talaga kami noong mga panahong iyon. Mapalad kami at nabigyan si Tina na gumaling and mamuhay pa. Totoong hindi tayo dapat makalimot sa Diyos.

  48. jennyd says:

    cant hold my tears while reading, my mom died a month ago of breast cancer, she was 65, the metastasis was in her entire skeletal system, the pain was excruciating and the doctors said we can not do anything to prevent the bones from deteriorating, the cancer has spread all over, head to toe. even in morphine she can still feel pain, the agony was so extreme that even a gentle touch was painful, It was so hard seeing your loved one suffering and all you can do is stare. I was never religious but during that time, I felt I was so close to heaven. But, still we have to accept, it was her time. As for you, you are so blessed, enjoy life while there is time, once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Jenny, sorry to hear about your mother. It’s always sad to lose a loved one like a mother. I am sure she is now in heaven, with no pain and no more suffering. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

  49. Ellen I . Macapagl says:

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story .. I do experience some back pains , and I realized after reading your story , that I should not taken it for granted . God is really good !! Praise God ..

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Ellen, I hope you get proper treatment for your back pains. Please don’t take it for granted and as with our own story, always pray to God. We pray for your healing. Thank you.

  50. Enriqueta Navalta says:

    Prayers can move mountains.

  51. Mena T. Antolin says:

    How could it be that I do not know you but your account of what you went through just made me cry. I am so happy for your family that everything turned out for the best. Thanks be to God!

  52. alice says:

    thanks sir for the inspiring story of your life .. God is Good all the time .. To God be the Glory ..

  53. CARINA YSON says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the greatness of GOD! It was indeed a very inspiring journey..My congratulations to you and your children for the enormous love to your wife and their mom..
    As a matter of fact, you gave me strength coz of a dilema we are having mom was diagnosed of stage B2 colon.
    I believed our GOD would also touch her body that she’ll be healed..PRAISE HIM
    Again,thank you for being an inspiration…

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Carina, I am glad you find inspiration with Tina’s story. We pray that your mother will also be healed from cancer. Trust in Him. He delivers.

  54. Kit Reyes Muyot says:

    Thank you for sharing. That was truly touching and inspiring. God bless your family. God is good all the time.

  55. CARINA YSON says:

    Today begins the 90th anniversary of the Virgin Mary of Fatima. When you receive this message say 1 Hail Mary ask for special favour. Pls send to 12Catholic friends who want to be blessed with peace, love, justice & prosperity. Please don’t break the .novena, thank you. .Thank you so much for sharing the greatness of GOD! It was indeed a very inspiring journey..My congratulations to you and your children for the enormous love to your wife and their mom..
    As a matter of fact, you gave me strength coz of a dilema we are having mom was diagnosed of stage B2 colon.
    I believed our GOD would also touch her body that she’ll be healed..PRAISE HIM
    Again,thank you for being an inspiration…

  56. Marize says:

    Thanks for sharing your story & on how you overcome this trial. God is a healer & He knows the desires of our hearts even before we ask. Your love for your wife, strong faith in God & close family ties are commendable. May you have more blissful years ahead as a couple & continue to be a blessing to everyone. A story like yours ought to be shared & inspire people to never lose hope or question God.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Marize. It was not an easy journey but we are so blessed with the turn of events in our case. Events which we believe was steered by the hand of God. It was hard not to lose hope but I believe our faith carried us through the ordeal. God bless you!

  57. Michelle Lim says:

    Thank u po sa pag share God is Good all the time

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Michelle, yes our good Lord is good all the time and we’ve come to realize this more with our experience with Tina. We are so blessed. Thank you.

  58. Art Adeva says:

    “I’m reminded that, often, God allows us to wrestle for long periods of time as we reach out for him. At one of the most painful times of his life, Jesus prayed three times without any noticeable response from God (Matthew 26:39–44). It is as if God is helping us to truly own our pleas, wishes, and desires—to want them deeply, from the heart, rather than casually or offhandedly.” God love’s you Ricky. I pray for more happy life together with your wife..

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Art! Thank you for your instructive comments. We really could not have prayed more deeply during those hours and our prayers were answered. Bless you Art!

  59. Carmela Anes says:

    Thank you for sharing. This is so well written bec it comes from the heart. God really works wonders!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Yes Carmela, this is by far the best story I’ve ever written because it was so close to our hearts and it affected us so deeply. Thank you!

  60. Wea Ann Pantaleon says:

    Our youngest brother also had brain and spine surgery and he was taken care of the same doctors you had. We we will be forever grateful for the expertise, care and patience these doctors has given to our brother and they really care for him coz even if he has recovered and cleared from their care they still wanted to keep in touch and be updated with his wellness.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Wea, I’m glad your brother is now okay. Drs. Mercado, Gimenez and Rañoa are so great and true to their vocation. Their patients are so lucky to have them as doctors. I pray that more doctors will follow their good example, competence, sincerity and faith in God. Thank you!

  61. Rowena says:

    God is really everywhere He’s our King of King and Lord of Lord, everything are possible to Him and He’s our great Doctor.

  62. Gil Silva says:

    Great are the workings of the Lord!

  63. Adrienne says:

    Thank you for inspiring us by sharing your story. We will pray for your wife’s complete recovery.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Adrienne! We hope our story is read by more people to inspire them and learn from the lessons of Tina’s ordeal. Thank you for your prayers!

  64. MELBA says:

    Thank GOD… I believe when you visited Padre Pio’s shrine that that was the turning point. I am so happy to read your story. May the Lord continue to shower your family with blessings as well as the doctors Ho gave you faith… THINK BENIGN… Be healthy and happy. Thank you for sharing your story of faith with us.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Melba, I really believe that our visit to St. Padre Pio’s Shrine healed Tina. I surely felt it and our faith in the Lord was strengthened. As what the priest in the shrine always emphasizes, ultimately it is God who heals and Padre Pio is a strong intercessor. Thank you!

  65. Tom says:

    My wife had tumor in her thyroid a few years back. And just like you, it was the longest day of my life during her surgery. And to think I was all alone because our young daughter was in school then. And yes, the tumor turned out to be benign.

    We turned to St. Pio during those times. To this day, I continue to ask for his help when it comes to ailments in our family.

    Happy for the you and your family with the outcome! God bless you always!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Tom! I am happy your wife is as blessed as Tina! No wonder so many devotees flock to the Padre Pio shrine because he is so powerful! God bless you! Thank you.

  66. Monch says:

    At first I was just curious by the headline, “saddest day of my life” and scanned through the photos until I saw a photo of a dear friend from way way back, and it was you, Ricky. I felt your pain, your hopelessness, anguish which eventually turned into elation and can only be summed by- “Thank you Lord! God is good and truly I serve a mighty God” kind of joy. I am truly happy for you, Tina, your family and how God is touching your lives.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Monch!!! Glad my blog reached you somehow! Thank you and hope to bump into you one of these days!

  67. Susan Arespacochaga Sison says:

    Yes indeed, thank you for sharing this miraculous story. God is so wonderful! I was very much into reading the story cause I too have back problems, have had 3 surgeries due to slip discs. Then I saw that line that I needed to read which is how your wife is feeling now after surgery. The tingling and other results of what she has been through and all because of nerve damage. I know I also have this nerve damage and am set for an appointment with my neurosurgeon once again. I now realized that even if I have all these discomforts, I have to be thankful because I managed to survive 3 major and sensitive, delicate, dangerous surgeries. Even if I am not fully healed, I am thankful to be blessed because I could still move around, walk around, and enjoy life even to sometimes a limited capacity. I wish your wife continuous wellness and I thank God for what He has done to your wife, Tina. At times, our own gratefulness doesn’t seem enough and so am sharing a prayer here of thankfulness on your behalf…Amen.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you so much Susan. Dr. Amado San Luis once told us that Tina has to accept her “new normal”, of having to live with some back pains and numbness. This is because of the nerve damage that normally accompanies spinal cord surgeries. We’ll take that rather than losing Tina. With faith in the Lord, we continue to live our happy grateful lives! God bless you too Susan!

  68. Johnny fetalvero says:

    Awesome story ricky. Your love and care for tina really inspires. And God truly amazes us all ! God bless

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Johnny! We are humbled by all the touching comments like yours. Tina’s story is really so awe-inspiring! God bless you!

  69. Rafi Dimaano says:

    That’s indeed exemplifies the loving mercy of God! Now just to follow through, did the doctors mention about the possibility of recurrence? Hopefully they are confident it won’t.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Rafi, Tina is sometimes worried of a possible recurrence but our doctors are confident that is is far farfetched. Not impossible but based on the post operation progress and the MRIs, the tumor remains benign and has no signs of recurring. Thank God for this. Thank you!

  70. Jon Serrano says:

    God is really good!


  71. Emma Manimtim says:

    Sir, I can’t control not to cry when I was reading the story of your wife. Sometimes what is happening to us have a purpose and I believe on that. God really works in your family. We know that nothing is impossible with the LORD. He is our healer, protector and our great physician. God bless you and your family.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Emma. Lots of other readers have told us how they too cried when they read the story. I wrote this from the heart and I tried to express my deepest emotions and describe the feelings of my family. With love, hope and faith in the Lord, miracles do happen as what we experienced. God bless you!

  72. Juvy says:

    God is really good!. Dr. Mercado and Dr. Gimenez also attends on my brother last 2009,. Dr. Mercado has a resemblance to Padre Pio..?

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Juvy, indeed praise the the good Lord! Haha yes, I think Dr. Mercado looks like Padre Pio. I hope all is well with your brother and we will pray for his healing. Thank you!

  73. jonathan po says:

    very inspiring. GOD is Good

  74. bernie griffin says:

    Sir, you inspired me to write my brother’s story . We lost my Dear brother , to multiple myeloma. It was a long painful ordeal . But then & now , we still put our Dear Lord in the center of our lives . I am so happy for your entire family & thank you immensely for the inspiration . Our Lord will continue to bless you abundantly, I know that for sure!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Bernie, sorry for your loss. We also lost 2 of my brothers when they were 30 and 49 years old. Too young to go and both times, it was heavy and depressing. Tina is blessed to have been healed and we will forever be grateful for this gift. In times of loss, we to find comfort and hope in looking up to God for He uplifts our spirits. May God bless you.

  75. Ruel Perez says:

    Thank you for sharing your inspirational story. I am not one who is very close to the church because of the absurdities that has maligned their “order”. Child molesters, rapists, etc. and still getting away with it. All they do is send them away to some other place and the misdeeds replicate.
    However, I have been a St. Padre Pio believer ever since I can remember. I’ve never had a huge miracle such as yours. I am of the belief that one day this is going to happen.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Ruel, our Church (Catholic) is imperfect but it is where we belong. My mother always says to pray for priests for they are human too and lately Pope Francis has taken steps towards acknowledging the many “sins” of the Catholic faith. St. Padre Pio is such a powerful intercessor and we will never forget our experience and blessings thru him. Thank you and God bless!

  76. kath says:

    God is great. May God be the center of our lives. God bless you and your family Sir.

  77. Siuhon Preza says:

    Thank you for this wonderful story of strength, faith and LOVE. Thank you for the testimony of God’s Love and Miracle. God is really good all the time. He only waits for us to talk to Him and entrust everything to Him…a TOTAL SURRENDER. Thank you and God bless.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Siuhon, hard as it is a total surrender to God does work. Thru Him, miracles do happen! Thank you!

  78. Leonor M. Peralta says:

    I am crying while reading your story and yet hoping that there will be healing. And so true because you heard mass at the Shrine of St. Padre Pio. I am a fan of Padre Pio. He really helps and bring our prayers to our Lord. Your story is very inspiring and “touching”. At the the end of it, it soothes you. Let us always thank our Lord for waking up everyday which is already a miracle to our lives.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Leonor! St. Padre Pio is so inspiring and powerful! I am happy our story touched your heart. Bless you.

  79. Edgar says:

    I am happy to know that your wife has survived and has been given a 2nd chance. How I wish my Dolly would been given a chance but alas she succumed to cancer, cholangio carsinoma. It was so fast, 3 weeks in the hospital without any warning, stage 4 cancer. Now I am left with my two daughters, one in collage the other in senior high but I feel blessed at least love have been blessed all through our 21 yrs of marraige. Always cherish every moment with the love of your life because you may never know when your love will be with you for long…..

    More Blessings and Happiness to all

    • Tina Montecillo says:

      Hello Edgar, thank you for your warm wishes. How sad to learn about Dolly. I wish you and your daughters well. They are lucky to have a father like you.
      May our good Lord guide you and bless you more.

  80. Tin S. says:

    Dr. Mercado was also my surgeon. He is a great man, a blessing from heaven indeed. Aside from removing my tumor he also helped us from our hospital bills. He promised that my tumor will never return. And 2 yrs after the operation, no significant growth was seen from my MRI. God knows how to answers our prayers, He sent his angels thru Dr. Mercado and his team. ???

    • Tina Montecillo says:

      Hello Tin, thank you for sharing your touching story about Dr. Mercado. He is truly a blessing. We are seeing him this week for a follow up check up.
      Stay well and God bless you more.

  81. Efren Canzana says:

    I was very hopeful as a read through this and Im extremely happy that all went well. I just cant help but think on how family with less means could ever deal with this.

  82. margie dela cruz says:

    amazing grace from God. yes its true that life without God is not perfect.thanks for shoring ur story. always remembet God really works on us just believe in Him be God the no 1 on our life surely He will hear our prayers and heals us. God bless u and ur family

  83. Joana says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful and inspiring story. May God continue to bless you and your family! God is really good!

  84. willie go says:


  85. Thelma Balazon-Luna says:

    Thank you for sharing. God is good….

  86. Sandee says:

    God is good. Thank you for sharing your story. Dr. Mercado also opertaed on my mom…he is a Godsend!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Sandee, yes we are very fortunate to have met Dr. Mercado and we believe he was sent to us. God works miracles through him. God bless you!

  87. Kay says:

    Thank you Sir for sharing your story. May I share this on my FB? This is a good reminder of how merciful God is and that we only have to call upon him. I had the privilege of working with Dr. Mercado. He considers himself as God’s instrument and has the habit of dropping by the chapel before and after an operation. 🙂

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Kay, when we visited Dr. Mercado to finally know the official pathology results, he gave us the good news that Tina’s tumour is benign. We were elated and emotional, and we thanked him profusely. He humbly told us, “hindi ako yan”, then he pointed above. “May chapel dyan, doon kayo mag pasalamat..” By the way, I’m sure you’ve shared this in your FB already and you know what? This story has already been viewed by more than 450,000! Amazing! God bless you!
      Thank you!

  88. Emilia Castro says:

    Thanks so much for sharing us your inspiring story. God is so good and great indeed
    Miracle happens in God’s hands. Mabuhay po kayo

  89. Noli P. Orense says:

    only one word summarizes the story and the comments: GOD! when you say our GOD, it only connotes goodness, mercy, power, and love for His children. Another case of God’s love to His children who put His Name above all! Great story! God bless you family, Ricky!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Noli! God has definitely made a deep impact on our family ever since. In writing Tina’s story, I never thought that so many would be so inspired and I believe it is His design that our experience will be told and re-told to many more! Thank God!

  90. glen says:

    miracles happen.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Glen, God gifted Tina with a second chance and healing. It is really a miracle and we will forever be grateful to our good Lord! Thank you!

  91. Orlie M-Seva says:

    Hi Bro Ricky and Sis’re such an Awesome Couple!! your testimony is simply “VERY INSPIRATIONAL”!! was really worth reading. The Love, Trust, Faith has proven to be above all circumstances we faced in our journey in Life. And I strongly believe that PRAYER from the Humble Heart will always be heard and answered no matter what. Just continue to count your Blessings and let CHRIST be the Center of our Lives..always. So looking forward that both of you will be able to share and testify how Great is our GOD in any charismatic gathering or forum to INSPIRE more. May GOD Bless you and your Lovely Family always. Maraming Salamat Po.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi bro. Orlie! Thank you for your thoughtful comments! I was just telling my family that I wasn’t even thinking when I was writing the story, it just flowed to how it came out. We are so humbled and blessed that thousands of readers are being inspired by Tina’s ordeal. Yes, we believe we are witnesses to God’s greatness!

  92. Evelyn says:

    GOD is really really good! I was moved by your story… Hindi talaga tayo pinababayaan ng Diyos kahit kelan. Naka-relate ako sa nangyari sa inyo dahil kasalukuyan akong nagpapagaling sa laminectomy operation ko. Napakatagal akong pinahirapan ng sakit sa spine. Di ko ginusto magpaopera dati dahil sa takot na baka d na ako makarecover (inalala ko mga anak being a single parent of 3 children). Pasalamat na din ako na nakakilala ako ng spine specialist na napakabuti at tanging kagalingan ng pasyente ang concern… Salamat, Doc! Thanks GOD and sa inyo po nag-share ng nakakaantig na nyong istorya. Tandaan na lang po natin lagi na “walang pagsubok na ibibigay sa atin na d natin kakayanin hanggat kasama natin sa buhay si GOD at ang ating pamilya” Keep the faith always!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Evelyn, I’m glad that you seem to have recovered well after your operation. It must have been difficult for you too. Mabait talaga ang Diyos at hinding hindi namin malilimutan ang nangyaring miracle sa amin. Thank you and I hope you stay healthy and blessed!

  93. Nioret Geronimo SDB says:


    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Nioret, you comment maybe short but it must have a deep meaning. Thank you too for your feedback, we are humbled by the hundreds of well wishers that are coming our way because of the story! Thank you!

  94. Rose Ann Rocafort. Macasaet says:

    inspiring and motivating. the story start at lipa where i live, UErm our medical school, Padre Pio the shrine i really want to go, and God the center of my life, without him im nothing also.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Rose, what happy coincidences! It made you relate closer to our story. The lesson to place God at the center of our lives is easier said than done and I do hope everyone tries. Thank you Rose!

  95. Virginia Villahermosa says:

    Your strong testimony is giving GLORY TO GOD !tHANKS for sharing…how about going to Medjugorje ,where our Lady is appearing everyday, to say Thank you for her intercession ?

  96. Dorothy Santiago says:

    Hi! I am a bone cancer survivor. Lost my right knee because of malignant tumor. My Ortho Onco Doctor, Dr. Cesar Dimayuga of TMC did a wonderful job of making sure I can still walk unaided. Been 18 years cancer free. God listens to prayers. I think being a survivor doesn’t stop in being healed. Catching the early signs is a miracle, God will make it known to you so you get yourself checked. We are the voice of survivors. I wish we have a group that could support others in similar situation. We are blessed, we may be blessings to others.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Dorothy, having a support group for survivors is a good idea! No one else can explain how it truly feels except the very people who experienced being sick. Prayers, said Dr. Amado San Luis, “works wonders”. And we prayed so deeply for healing and the miracle happened when God healed Tina. Writing this story was our way of spreading the good news. Bless you!

  97. Ma Sol says:

    Praise God??
    God does miracles in different ways. ???

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Ma Sol, we really believe that our prayers were answered and from the start, we never questioned God. I continue to pray that others will also be blessed and touched by our good Lord. Thank you!

  98. Christie Arcega says:

    Thank you for the inspiring story of your family. Your faces seem familiar maybe because we see you around Carmel, Cathedral or in Redemptorist church. I read through the end and cant helped but thank God for it. It’s the Divine intervention. To God be the glory.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Christie! It was definitely Divine intervention! We are so blessed for the answered prayers. By the way, we are from Las Piñas and maybe you see us somewhere else. Anyway thank you so much for your comments and to God be the Glory!

  99. Teresa says:

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. Our family can also attest to Dr. Mercado’s gifted hands. He operated on my aunt, who had severe pain on her back she got wheelchair bound for several months, but miraculously walked again after the operation and therapy. Someone else, I heard from my mum, had a similar case but went to a different doctor, and ended up wheelchair bound for the rest of her life. Dr Mercado is the pre eminent doctor in his field, I hope he trains up many more so healing doesn’t stop when he retires, or when it becomes too expensive for ordinary people to afford his services.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Teresa, Dr. Mercado is really the best and he has a reputation in the medical field that says so. He is getting a bit old and he says that his team composed of Dr. Gimenez and Dr. Rañoa have also become very skilled. God bless them!

  100. Cindy says:

    Praise God for His Miracles! Thank you for sharing this very powerful testimony! Indeed God is alive and He lives amongst us, hears our call and feels our pain. Life aint perfect but His love always is.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Cindy, thank you for your comments! We are so glad that our story has inspired so many readers! We are so humbled and blessed. God bless you!

  101. John Mark lagnas says:

    Amen. The Lord be praised. Im blessed. Praying for your relationship with the Lord be grown.

  102. Fem says:

    Thank you for your true story of life’s journey… there is really God out there looking at His children and never abandoning us when we call on Him!

    Can we share this?

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Fem, I guess by this time you already shared our story to others. Thank you so much and we attest to all that God hears us and answers our prayers. Bless you!

  103. Lance says:

    Our imperfections are actually our perfections if we just let go and let God.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Lance, perfect as we now realize is only for God. And happiness can only be attained through Him! Thank you and God bless you!

  104. Elaine says:

    God bless you and your beautiful family 🙂

  105. thank you sir,for sharing your inspiring story.

  106. Willy says:

    God is good all the time.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Willy, we cannot agree more that God is good all the time. But in the midst of difficulties sometimes we do not see this. God heard our prayers in our darkest times and we are so grateful. Thank you!

  107. Hezel says:

    What a beautiful story about family,love and faith to our Dear Lord. May He continue to shower you more love and good health to all your family members.
    Amen! God bless!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Hezel for your thoughtful comments. After our ordeal, we have become much closer as a family and our faith to God stronger. God bless you too!

  108. rohanie says:

    God is good!
    Dr. Michael Louis Gimenez handled my mother last August2014. It was also a spine surgery. My mother is very healthy now. Before the operation I even asked Dr. Gimenez if we are doing the right thing (to open her spine) of course im scared and he gave me an assurance that everything will be ok. He even invited me to visit the neuro ward of UST just to see the condition of his recovering patients. Napaka-husay, mababait at madaling kausap ang team ni Dr.Gimenez. My mother regularly visits him for her check-ups, napaka-bait ni Doc. God bless your family po. ??

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Rohanie! Such a great team of neuro and spine specialists! Dr. Mercado, Dr. Gimenez and Dr. Rañoa and the best and they are instruments of the Lord! Your mother and my wife are so blessed!

  109. linalyn adaya says:

    to God be the glory sir,thank you for sharing your story…godbless po

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Linalyn! It’s great to have inspired so many with our story. Most of all, it’s great that the Glory is God’s.

  110. Nestor Perez says:

    It may be such a lengthy message and though I have difficulty reading, your story was so powerful and moving! God is our Great Healer and God is alive!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Nestor, funny but my brother said the same, “haba!”. I just wanted to share a blow by blow account of the most important experience of my life and gladly so many readers are being inspired. Thank you very much!

  111. AnitoKid says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful story.
    God is good. Always.

    I shared your story at the Padre Pio Library page –

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi AnitoKid! Thank you for sharing our story to other St. Padre Pio devotees! We are glad to have served as inspiration to many more! God bless you!

  112. Maria Salome Pacana Baya says:

    I like the stories, The Saddest Time of My Life. It inspires a lot of people who encounters the same situation. Brain tumor, cervical cancer etc. What we need is prayer and believed God’s great miracle.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Maria Salome! We are so happy that our story has reached so many and touched their hearts. It was a miracle and we want to inspire more in telling that prayer is powerful and God listens.

  113. Merryjoy delos reyes says:

    Thank yoi for sharing your story sir,,i can’t stop mu tears from falling,,God is good all the time…

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Merryjoy, it was really a sad time for us. But we were blessed in the end and we are so blessed and grateful! Bless you!

  114. leny says:


    • ridingintandem says:

      Totoo Leny, talagang taos puso kaming humingi ng tulong kay St. Padre Pio at naniniwala kami na gumaling si Tina dahil sa tulong niya! Galing lang kami doon kahapon at sana lagi nyang pakinggan ang aming dasal! God bless!

  115. Laarni Aberion says:

    Praise be to God! Im happy to know that she survived and she is healthy. Praying for more years of faith and togetherness for the 2 of u!

  116. Baves says:

    God bless you for sharing! God bless your family and esp your wife tina.. have a blissful god filled long life together!

  117. MONETH says:


    • ridingintandem says:

      Salamat Moneth! There is truth in beleiving in Him! We our testament to St. Padre Pio’s powerful intercession. Amen!

  118. Jack Llamazares says:

    A long and touching story but worth the read. Thanks for sharing with us your saddest moment which is now a thing of the past.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Jack for taking time-out to read my rather lengthy article. I really wanted to give a come from the heart blow by blow account of our experience. We feel very blessed that God heard our prayers. Thanks!

  119. Ruth says:

    What a powerful reminder of faith, hope and love. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

  120. Elvira Osorio-Dalida says:

    very well written,step by step,that reading this story made me feel like i was seeing and experiencing this story of love and faith with you.cheers to your family!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Elvira! Truly, I wrote this from my heart and it just flowed and flowed. We are overwhelmed by the countless great feedback we have been receiving these past few days. God is good!

  121. viea says:

    god is always watching us. akala ng iba hindi sya nakikinig.
    thank you for sharing.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Viea! Our faith was really tested during those difficult days and if not for that we would not know where to go. God heard and answered our prayers in a most favorable way and we are very grateful. Bless you!

  122. Jing castro-magsalin says:

    july 2, 2016

    God is good and He never forsake us. Ricky and Tina, I salute to you both of not giving up your hope and faith with Him. Want to share this Bible verse (my favorite one)–“YOU HAVE FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT, YOU HAVE FINISHED THE COURSE AND YOU HAVE KEPT THAT FAITH.” Continue BELIEVING and NEVER STOP claiming the goodness of our LORD. God bless you both and your family and thank you in sharing us your ordeals. TO GOD BE THE GLORY….

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Jing! “We fought the Good Fight”! If not for our faith, we would have plunged to despair. To God be the Glory!

  123. pamela altar baring says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey of faith. Inspiring. And I agree with you, without Him, we are nothing. God is good. God Bless to both of you and your family. I have to share also my experience when my brother and my nephew invited me to go to Padre Pio in Batangas…When I kneeled in front of the altar and below the “hanging cross”, I cried like i never cried before, as in parang dagat na walang katapusan. What I remembered saying was – “Lord, patawarin nyo po ako, Ako po ay makasalanan”. I felt coldness all over but I was perspiring as well (it was raining then..)… I know then that I was forgiven. Miracle do happen because of our faith…Have a blessed day ahead.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Pamela! The St. Padre Pio Shrine is really very powerful! We still go there once in a while and it is always an enlightening experience. Thank you and God bless you!

  124. Lorn says:

    God is so good. Thank you sir for sharing your story. It is very inspiring and very meaningful. We are so blessed no matter what the world will give us.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Lorn, thank you for your kind feedback. We are so happy to inspire so many with our story! We are very blessed.

  125. Bing bong Pe says:

    Nakakaiyak po pero nakakataba ng puso. God is good all the time. Ang pagmamahal ng Dios sa ating mga tao ay Hindi mapapantayan.. Kaya tayoy manalig lamang at magtiwala na ang bawat bagay na pagsubok ay kanya tayong gagabayan. At walang imposible sa Dios. Amen.

  126. Marjorie Suaybaguio says:

    Such an inspiring story of faith and love. Thank u for sharing ur story. God hears and answers prayers.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Marjorie! If not for our faith in God and love for each other, I doubt if things would have happened the way it did. We were really blessed!

  127. Ligaya says:

    God is good all the time! A very inspiring story… with Him, miracles can happen.

  128. Minda H. Umali says:

    How wonderful is God’s mercy and healing touch! The Lord always answers our prayers – especially when we place our complete trust in Him. Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony of love and courage.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Minda! Our faith was tested and the Lord blessed us by answering our prayers! We are humbled to have inspired so many with our story. God bless you!

  129. Jeanette Perez says:

    Thank you, for sharing. Another living testimony of God’s merciful love. Hugs to you and Tina.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Jeanette! Can’t believe this story reached so many readers and inspired so many hearts! Regards and God bless you!

  130. PJ says:

    It is really inspiring. A story that full of love, hope and believer.
    Miracle always happen. Because, God is indeed great!!

  131. Steff Buenaventura says:

    Hi! I was sitting beside you and your wife in the clinic of Drs. Mercado, Gimenez and Ranoa a few months back. I was there for a routine check up post surgery (every year since 2011). I am very happy for both of you specially your dear wife. Thanks for sharing your story. Those doctors are heaven sent.

    • Tina Montecillo says:

      Hello Steff. Thank you and I wish you continuous blessings of good health and happiness. We are seeing Dr. Mercado this week and we hope to bump into you one of these days.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Steff! I hope to see you again one of these days! Tina just had another MRI and we will see Dr. Mercado tomorrow. They are really God’s gift to patients like you and Tina and we hope their lot multiplies. Bless you!

  132. Anne says:

    Dear Ricky and Tina,
    PRAISE GOD for the gift of love and healing! And bless Fr. Pio!
    Sir, if you wish and if your wife is not taking it yet, Tina can try taking C24/7 from AIM Global. The product healed the stage 3 breast cancer of my friend and dissolved another friend’s breast tumour naturally. Another friend’s throat tumour has also decreased in size. She’s still taking it. C24/7 also healed someone’s facial nerve disease.
    The main office of AIM Global is near Robinson’s Galleria, Edsa, near the Edsa Shrine. Just check the internet. The product really works and costs only P1,200 per box of 30 capsules. It’s organic and natural. If you become a member, you get a 25% discount.
    It’s best if you take the product 30 minutes before eating, although you can take it anytime.
    Just check the internet for more information. The product really works!

  133. Dawn AliposA Unau says:

    Thank you for sharing your great story about FAITH & believing the power of PRAYER. I salute you sir & your family for your enduring faith. Your testimony of God’s Healing surely will uplift someone life. God is good all the time. To God be the glory!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Dawn, thank you for your kind comments. Would you believe that this story has had more than 450,000 views already? It is so amazing and we are very humbled by the hundreds of feedback. God bless you all!

  134. Rosie Oliveros says:

    God is the Great Healer. Praise God all the time.
    May God bless your family always.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Rosie! Our story has touched thousands of hearts and we are very happy to have shared it. We agree that God heals and is good all the time!

  135. Rene San Andres says:

    Thank you for sharing your story!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Rene for taking time out to read thru the long story. I hope you too were inspired! God bless you!

  136. bicbic says:

    in God we trust. God is good!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Bicbic, we cannot agree more that in God we Trust and He is good! We thank you for your kind feedback!

  137. Such a powerful testimony of God’s love , healing power and faithfulness. Truly ,your own deep faith in God sustained your wife, you and the whole family in times like this. Trusting God and surrendering to God , and casting all your concerns to God paid off in the end. Nothing is impossible with God. He is our almighty great God.
    Thanks for sharing. May this be a re- affirmation of faith in God to everyone. All the glory, praise and honor belong to Almighty Jesus Christ, the son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Amen Amen Lydua! Our experience leaves a permanent impact to us as a family who believes in the great power of prayer and faith in the Lord!

  138. Madz says:

    Wonder works of Dr. Mercado again. My sister had a brain tumor and he was the surgeon way back 90s. He’s really good.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Madz! Dr. Mercado and his team are heaven sent! We are so lucky to have met them. He told us, “Hindi ako yan,” pointing upwards.”May chapel dyan sa ibaba, dun kayo magpasalamat.” So good, so humble. God bless them. God bless you.

  139. Eric Rodriguez says:

    God saw your love for one another and that I believe is what healed your wife!
    Thank you for sharing this experience in your life with others as it really strengthens our faith in God!

    • ridingintandem says:

      So nice comments Eric. We never thought sharing our story would inspire so many! Thank you and God bless you!

  140. edith ramos says:

    Really, I cried on the mid part of the story, I felt the excruciating pain when I was diagnosed with Slipped Disc way back year 2013. God is indeed good to His people. I love your story, it was inspiring and my outlook in life changed. Big thanks to your Sir.
    God bless your family.

    • ridingintandem says:

      It was a very sad and difficult time for us Edith. I couldn’t even finish what I was saying to my children without breaking down. We are so grateful that God heard our prayers and blessed Tina. We are very happy to inspire people like you who can relate to what it’s like to suffer. Keep the faith Edith! God bless you!

  141. Susan macario says:

    Ii am s parsplegic for 5 years now. I had two spine surgery but my condition did not improve. How can i get in touch with the patients of Dr mercado. I feel so hopeless. I hope i can get their e-mail address st least do i can communicate with them and ask things sbout my condition.idnlike to getbin touch eith Dr Gimenez too. Yhey arevservsnts ofGod and i know i still have hope. Thsn you gor the very inspiring story. It did not only inspired me. But realky gave me hope. Thsnk you Padre Pio for leading me to thids fb psge. To zgod be the Glory

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Susan, keep the faith! You may call our doctors thru Paul Dela Paz, their secretary @ 0998-996-3623. You may also call the Cardinal Santos Hospital and ask to be connected to Dr. Eduardo Mercado and co.’s clinic. We met this German guy once in El Nido, he had a spine injury due to a car crash and he was in coma for 6 months. He is now quite healthy with only some slight discomforts. He told us, “Nothing is impossible with faith in God.” This rings true to us. God bless you!

  142. Renee Garcia Fajermo says:

    I cried a river with your story. Truly, God is amazing…….

  143. Dolores says:

    I am a devotee of Padre Pio and he never fails to answer my prayers, be it small or big favors. Thank you for sharing your amazing story of faith, love, trust and total surrender to God. You made me cry..and I read your story to my husband, also a devotee(his being a devotee was the first miracle I received from Padre Pio). May God through the intercession of Padre Pio, Mama Mary and the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus continue to bless all our families.. Amen..

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Dolores, St. Padre Pio is very powerful and God listens to prayers sent through him. I hope our story inspires more people to never lose hope no matter how desperate a situation is. God bless you!

  144. Susan says:

    Thanks you God. It’s benign. Very inspiring story. Thank you for sharing. You are so blessed bec you have the provision and God directed your path on whom to consult. God is good all he time.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Susan, we believe we were led by angels to meet the right people. Our prayers were answered and we are so grateful and blessed. Thank you!

  145. Marlyn Sabado says:

    Your faith heals Tina. God is good all the time!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Marlyn! During that time, it was hard to be faithful. But we chose not to question and believe in Him. God listened and healed Tina and our faith became stronger! God bless you!

  146. Contessa says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. My husband & I became emotional when we read this ‘coz your story is a replica of ours.

    Just this October, we found out that my husband has a pituitary tumor which caused half of his left eye to go blind. We couldn’t tell our kids ( 10 & 13 yrs old) that their father will undergo surgery ‘coz we couldn’t bear to see them hurt. We scheduled the surgery December 16 & it was the worst day of my life. Any wrong move could hit some nerves which will lead to internal bleeding… he could die. Estimated 4hrs of operation time stretched to 6hrs. I was a nervous wrecked. I cried & prayed at the same time. I just couldn’t imagine our life w/o my husband. But thank God the operation was a success eventhough only 1/3 of the mass was removed. Then just this April & May, my husband had a radiation to stabilize the remaining mass. He is now on the road to recovery. We are really thankful & grateful for all the people who helped us. God is really good. We are really blessed 🙂

    More power to you & your family. May you live a long, healthy & happy life. God bless you.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Wow Contessa! I can only begin to imagine how hard it must have been for you and your family. We can relate so much. These things happen for no reason and it is so easy to feel desperate and give up. But because there is a God, who is all knowing and good, there is always hope. I am so glad that your husband is on the road to recovery. God bless you and your family!

  147. Chet Espino says:

    God bless you and your family, sir. Thank you for sharing your story. Experiences like yours (and ours) are meant to serve as testimony to the loving providence of God.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Chet! I never thought our story would inspire so many. I hope everything is okay with you and I will pray that whatever hardship you may be experiencing will be resolved in the name of God. Bless you!

  148. Mel says:

    God Is Good All The Time and All The Time God Is Good!!! To God Be The Glory!!!

  149. Diego Ledda says:

    Bro. Ricky, your story on how you loved your wife is inspiring. I was just disturbed when you say you literally knelt before the 21 saints and you talk how good is God to you and your family. I am just wondering how much God can’t do that you have to turn to 21 saints? It’s a test of faith. We often interpret that God allows kneeling before graven images made by the hands of men as a way of our faith to Him when prayers are answered. That God is happy the way we did. May I ask you to read Exodus 20:1-4. I do not want to transgress your faith, but would it be best if we pleased God that way He wants us to do? Your faith was tested through your wife. I am mot related to you. It was not intentional to read your story. It just came across my FB. And maybe God wants me to deliver you a message. TRUST HIM FULLY! God bless!

    • auroralespiritu says:

      Amen and God we must fully TRUST …

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Diego for your comments. I’d rather not debate or defend my kneeling before the statues of saints, but the fact is I did. Do trust that my family and I trust God with all our hearts and especially after our experience, our faith is stronger than ever. God bless you!

  150. Guilbert Tabinas says:

    Thank you for sharing you story,sir Ricky…It is so powerful that it left me questions many things in life…what is important and not..about one’s faith…family..and miracles…God bless your family!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Guilbert! Glad this piece reached a friend. Some things happen for no apparent reason and with our faith and prayers, we continue to hope and be blessed. With our lifestyle in the airline Gib, it is easy to stray. Let us not forget! God bless you!

  151. Maria Teresa Buenafe Briones says:

    St. Padre Pio is a very effective intercessor. We’ve heard so many testimonies of healing thru his intercession. Praise and thank God!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Maria! We can’t agree more! St. Padre Pio is very powerful! God continues to work through him. Amen!

  152. Malyn says:

    A very inspiring story.thank you for sharing.God is really happy for mam Tina and to the family.God bless.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Malyn, thank you for your comments. Please join us in praying for Tina’s full recovery! God is good! Amen!

  153. arvin says:

    it ‘s so inspiring story,, GOD is always here for us.. and also Padre Pio he always the instrument of God to us..??????

    • ridingintandem says:

      Salamat Arvin! When we visited the Shrine of St. Padre Pio last year, it really made and impact on us. We also heard the healing mass that time and we believe our prayers were answered and Tina was healed. It’s so amazing! God bless you!

  154. Ana says:

    Thank you very much for sharing! I’m not only inspired by your wife’s story but it gave me hope as well. I’m based in the U.S. and I’m currently experiencing some of your wife’s symptoms right now and in fact am seeing a neuro doctor and a primary care doctor lately. I have done blood tests and 4 MRIs already, and there seems to be nothing seriously wrong. I have yet to do another costly blood test soon. It’s been more than two months now with no medication but the symptoms are progressing quite fast. Every morning when I wake up, I feel so tired. It’s only the prayer and my faith in God that’s keeping me strong and kept me moving. I thank God, that the pain and discomfort are there but somehow slight so I’m able to move just like nothing is wrong with me. I’m already planning to go home to my family in the Philippines and see some doctors there if this last test I’m going to do would show nothing while the symptoms keep worsening ang spreading. Thank you again for sharing your story!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hello Ana, I hope that you will soon determine the root cause of your condition. Seeing Tina suffering from pains and numbness is hard and sometimes she feels depressed. Tina is free of any tumor now but still feels some pain. Let us not lose hope for with God and thru prayers, miracles happen. We will pray for your healing. Bless you.

  155. Herbert Alvarez says:

    Sir I am touched to have read this. When I read the part that you toLd your wife na “GAGALING KA”, tears feLL down my cheeks. What an amazing decLaration of faith. For a whiLe I thought, paano kung sa akin mangyari ito but when I finished reading what you wrote, I found astrong assurance that we have a God that is a whoLe Lot powerfuL than our anxiety and worries incLuding our sicknesses. This is very inspiring and a genuine testimony of how great is our HEALER. I wiLL incLude you in my prayers.

    Thank you and God bLess you more

    • ridingintandem says:

      Than you Herbert! Indeed everything fell into place because of our faith and love for God. WE are very blessed for Tina’s healing and the support of so many. God bless you!

  156. EMERSON says:


  157. Regina L says:

    You write so well i could feel your pain. I didn’t even know you were going through tough times. You’ve done a lot for us in the union. I wish i could have done something for you as well. God bless you and your family. Tina is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you very much Regina! We are so blessed that our prayers were answered and everything turned out well! Thank you for your kind comments!

  158. Ramiro F Esteban says:

    Ricky & Tina,
    Thank you for sharing this inspiring story. Tina has been healed and gratefully you should “shout it out from the rooftops”. You have spread God’s kingdom.od is so merciful, so loving and caring.
    I can feel your love for each other, because I have loved my wife the same way and more so that she’s in our FATHER’s care.
    Be covered by God’d mantle for the rest of your lives. You are a wonderful couple.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Ramiro, I am sad to know of your loss but at the same time I admire you for your faith in God. Tina and I are so blessed. Thank you for your thoughtful feedback.

  159. dan ray dulawon says:

    thank u so much sir for sharing ur story. it is very inspiring especially for us with a spinal cord injury but because we don’t have the financial capabilities to go to a specialist like those doctors u said I am hoping that my faith and prayers will help me to recover. again thank u sir.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Dan, I hope and pray that things turn our well for you. I just know that with prayers and faith in God, good things will come your way. Stay well and keep the faith. God bless you.

  160. John says:

    My father had the same illness but his was malignant, he died two years ago. I know God has its purpose for everything, I am happy for your family! God Bless!

    • ridingintandem says:

      So sorry to hear about your father John. I pray that we will live up to God’s purpose after He healed Tina. Thank you and God bless you.

  161. ayeth says:

    amen…bless us all…God is good….

  162. cody says:

    What a happy ending, it put smile on my face. A beautiful and inspiring story indeed. God bless you and your family Sir !

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Cody! Thank you for your kind words and we are very happy to inspire a lot of people with our story. It is just so amazing how our Lord works. We are truly blessed.

  163. minerva saberola says:

    thankU sa story nyo..binasa ko tlaga kc ganyan ang nararamdaman ko til now at sabi sakin magpa mri dw na diko pa nagagawa,,other doctor said osteoathritis daw..sobrang sakit pagka nasumpong sa lower back..

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Minerva, sana mag diagnose ka ng tama para malaman ang tamang treatment. As what our doctors say too, samahan natin ng dasal. God bless you.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Minerva, sana ma diagnose ka ng tama para malaman ang tamang treatment. As what our doctors say too, samahan natin ng dasal. God bless you.

  164. jorge s. asuncion says:

    I seldom read articles posted on fb. i don’t understand why i was carried to read. miracles always happen as long as we hold on Him.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Jorge, it’s really unbelievable that this story has gone viral, reaching thousands of people and touching their hearts. We feel so humbled and blessed. Thank you and God be with you.

  165. Venus says:

    I also went through this unforgettable experience that I wish wont strike to anyone at all. I had a spine tumor on my spine between C1 and C2 and affecting my brain stem. Had my surgery here in NUH Singapore. It took my nearly one year to recover from bed to a walking stick…until I started to walk independently without an aid…..My faith in God was my only weapon in winning the battle and though it was a though one. God proofs in my life that He exist and He’s promises never fails…Nothing is impossible with GOD!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Venus, I’m glad your are now doing well and on the road to healing. I believe you when you say that God is our weapon in times of sufferings. We cannot agree more. Thank you and God bless you!

  166. Hi Ricky and Tina,
    Praise and thank God for he is the ALMIGHTY
    HEALER. Thank you for sharing. We five boys and my middle son died of a very aggressive cancer OSTEOSARCOMA . He was misdiagnosed and mismanaged to the
    Point that we have to transfer him to University of PENN hospital. They did the surgery for 7 hours on November 1997. January to March had radiation. April he went for a follow ,now the cancer has spreaded to his lungs, 6 nodules had another surgery. May 8
    8:30am he told his younger brother to buy their Mother’s Day gift and @ 3:oopm he died.
    Remember God is full of surprises. He is infinitely creative and powerful, with him everything is possible. Through eyes of faith, see God on the path before you, beckoning
    You on, one step at a time. Looking to God consistently will increase your strength
    And valor. Waiting for God, and be aware of his loving presence, it is a blessed way to
    Live. Nothing is impossible. With God all things are possible. Let God be God.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Marcy, it must have been devastating when you lost your dear son. They say it is most painful to lose your child and I cannot begin to imagine what you went through. I am sure you find comfort in our good Lord, and through Him, things make sense. I admire your strength and your faith. God bless you. Thank you.

  167. Anilyn A.M. Atienza says:


    • ridingintandem says:

      Maraming salamat naman sa iyong mga comment Anilyn. Nakakataba ng puso. Matibay talaga ang loob ni Tina, hanga din ako sa kanya. Malakas din ang kanyang pananampalataya. Mula sa amin ni Tina, God bless you.

  168. Emelie Tracy says:

    I was touched after reading your story. I think this is a wake up call for me. I need to see a neuro surgeon for check up and second opinion. Im also planning to go to Padre Pio’s Shrine on my vacation in the Philippines. Test and proven na kasi when i asked for his powerful intercession it was an answered prayer. Thank you for sharing and God bless y’all.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hello Emelie, we hope you will get your needed medical check up so you can get the correct treatment. St. Padre Pio is so awesome and we are now witness to his intercession. May God be with you. Thank you!

  169. Obbie says:

    Awesome. God bless you more. I don’t know you but Im happy you shared of yourselves. More power to you Sir, Mam, your love story, and the entire family.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Obbie! There is something humbling in sharing yourself to others. Our story of Tina’s experience is truly gut wrenching but in the end was so uplifting! We are glad you were inspired and it did many others. God bless you.

  170. Dethie Sevilleja says:

    I seldom read such long articles posted/shared in Facebook but I don’t know why I read your long story. And I never regret to read it. It was so inspiring, it brings us closer to God. God is really good, He may give us a very hard challenge but He will always guide us for the solution. Thanks for sharing. ???

    • ridingintandem says:

      Yes Dethie, my brother also said it was kinda long. But many still managed to read the story and many are saying that they were inspired. Tina and I are very pleased and we are humbled. Thank you and may the Lord be with you.

  171. joylyn lagmay says:

    Praise God! Miracles happen anytime as long as you have faith in God. God uses other people to bring miracles in our lives, the team of Dr. Mercado, Dr. Gimenez, ang Dr. Ranoa was also the one who took care of my aunt who was diagnosed with brain tumor. And until now my aunt is still alive.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Joylyn, Dr. Mercado is so good and yet he is so humble. He always says that it is not him who heals but that power comes from above. We are happy to hear that your aunt is also a lucky patient of this amazing team of doctors. Or should we say angels wrapped in doctors’ jackets. God bless you!

  172. Cat says:

    Jesus is our Healer! Praise His name. No other name like Jesus!

  173. Segz says:

    Praise the Lord!!!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Praise the Lord Segz! Thank you for your feedback! We are so blessed to have touched so many hearts. God bless you!

  174. Albert Tan says:

    no words can express my feelings towards to your story ! this is a REMINDER to all of us , be brave face the truth and most of all keep that FAITH in the name of God ! keep praying continuously whatever will be the outcome . As only GOD knows if you stay or go in this beautiful world . Thanks for sharing the story and God Bless you , your wife and 3 Lovely children .

  175. Adina says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. This will be then the Happiest day of your life. GOD answered your prayer.He loves you so much that he spared the life of your only love for you to both continue your journey and enjoy his blessings. GOD is good all the time?

  176. Angelito Uson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing us your inspiring story. God is Great . God Bless your
    family and more power to all the Doctors who perform the test and operation….

  177. Geraldin Bleza says:

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    Im not telling this to you to sell, I am sharing, I want to help, I know how hard it is when one of the family member is sick, been there….

    • tina montecillo says:

      Hello Geraldine, appreciate your feedback. May I know where to get the oral meds you are suggesting? I’d like to know more about it. Thank you and God bless you.

  178. Vi Hebron says:

    Your inspiring story gave me a glimpse of hope that the pains I experience each night after doing my daily chores, might actually go away with just my faith in Him. Am a widow who lives virtually alone on my meager pension from the government. Have been suffering from back pains for many years now. Have been diagnosed with a slipped disc with Tarlov cyst many years back thru an MRI, underwent physical therapy but stopped when my condition did not improve anyway and my resources were no longer enough to afford such. I just learned to tolerate the pains, I just went on with doing my usual chores and each night, upon hitting the bed, the pains come back. But I’ve been used to these and I no longer complain. I believed my last rehab doctor when she said I would have to suffer for a lifetime if I do not undergo spine operation. Even if I liked, I could not afford to. Prayers are what I resort to every time I feel like my condition is worsening especially after I’ve done more than I should during the day. But I am grateful to God coz I’ve gone this far despite the pains.

  179. Efi Sandoval says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, it turned out that it is not the saddest time of your life, I know GOD is good all the time, pray to HIM and you will be heard, He is our Savior.

  180. amie says:

    God is good all the time….. its miracle….thanks st. padre pio…thanks for sharing…..

  181. dlan says:

    Thank u for sharing. God is good and truly Powerful!

  182. Arline says:

    Can I just say what a relief to seek out somebody who actually knows what theyre speaking about on the internet. You undoubtedly know how you can convey an issue to gentle and make it important. Extra people have to read this and perceive this aspect of the story. I cant imagine youre not more widespread because you undoubtedly have the gift.

  183. Larry malabanan says:

    God is really good all the time, thank’s for ur inspiring story, its true that our LORD is a great healer….god blesss us…..

  184. Bella Villa says:

    God is great! He always listen when you ask Him. Thanks for sharing your amazing story. I received this post via a private message from a friend who works in Jeddah.
    God Bless you and your family.

  185. Mary Ann Miranda says:

    GOD is Good all the Time! He made you experience a miracle! Be super grateful everyday of your lives. I would like to pinpoint about this last sentence of yours- “That was a year ago and while Tina has to live with some discomforts in her back and some numbness in her legs because of nerve damage, she is now healthy and happily alive.” I was suppose to undergo a spinal operation years back but by God’s grace it did not happen. But it also affected my nerves but I went to a laser doctor – Dr. Valentine Yabes. His technology can regenerate the nerves of your wife and you may see him at Laser Medical Clinic, Ground Floor, Unit 1, Maga Centre Building, Santiago Street, Paseo De Magallanes Village, Makati City, 1232, Metro Manila
    Tel 02-855 8173..

  186. kate says:

    That’s good news! I’m very happy for you.
    Since I am a pathologist, i am really curious about the tumor. What is the diagnosis? Thank you

  187. Wil E says:

    You made my whole body moved. My wife and I were reading your story and we can’t stop our tears and felt sadness. Then came lovely Tina was cured! God from the beginning was with you and your family all alone Salamat po

  188. aizee says:

    I got emotional while reading this, sir, God is good. God bless your family.

  189. Jry says:

    God bless

  190. Pinky Agag says:

    Praise the Lord..God is good all the time as long as you belive in our Lord di ka nya papabayaan prayers is the best…

  191. Marianne says:

    I cried as I read ur story very touching n inspiring .God is good all the time. Both of u was touched by God with ur strong love n faith to him ,may he continue to bless your entire family

  192. Dina San Gabriel says:

    What an amazing story of LOVE & PRAYERS… Thank you for sharing! Let us always remember to keep GOD in the center of our lives! This story will surely help SPREAD THE WORD OF GOD!
    I love you both, Ricky and Tina! Live long!

  193. Mhel says:

    Thank u for sharing your story. I also have encountered the same situation. My hubby
    was diagnosed with brain tumor last March. He went home from Singapore, where he was working, to consult a doctor due to his cough which had started since January of this year but eventually some symptoms showed up. He arrived here in Pinas last Mar 02. We consulted a pulmonary doc last Mar 04. He was admitted in PGH last Mar 16 and was diagnosed with brain tumor on Mar 19. He was operated Mar 23 and i was still able to bring him home last Apr 05. After so many hardships for him
    to survive, he still left us. It was Apr 19 when he passed away. But never have i questioned God. I just kept on praying to give me enough strength and patience. I still thank Him for those years I have my hubby, for those three fruits of love that we have and for the realtives and friends who were there for us during that lowest point in my life

  194. kunemayo says:

    saint padre pio ?

  195. MiTch-Cebu says:

    I had a near deaTh experience lasT year. I felT GOD’s love when i Did. GOD loves you Tina. GOD provided you everyThing in Life, including your healing (:

  196. Agnes Galura says:

    Thank you for sharing this great joy!
    Yes, I do believe in making Our Lord,
    center of our lives; for everything we got
    is through Him. Always Trust in His Great
    Mercy and Love! May Our Lord continue
    to heal and bless you and yours!

  197. Krissy caneta says:

    Nung nabasa ko Yong story nyo po sir was also flash back the things that also happend to my stepson.he was also a cancer survivor for almost 2years…doc.gimenez also the doctor of my stepson in cardinal Santos.
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  198. Krissy caneta says:

    Nung nabasa ko Yong story nyo po sir was also flash back the things that also happend to my stepson.he was also a cancer survivor for almost 2years…doc.gimenez also the doctor of my stepson in cardinal Santos.thank you so much doc.
    My stepson required to done chemo therapy but we never try.insted we try a natural medicine it quite expensive but it all worth it in term of his health in giving hm a life that he wanted..this product I must surely say that my stepson help him a lot easily to recover…after 5months of using the product now he can even drive motorbike alone,and he will never undergo a chemo therapy anymore…very normal person again…I’m just sharing this story goes it really a big help to your wife.kasi Yong mga nag undergo ng operation in become a cancer patient they are really prone SA mga sakit…kaya they need supplements for their health if you want to try the product for your wife just message me sir in I’ll give you the link of that product…TNXXX in God bless always po

  199. Erick Bitoy says:

    What a heart-warming story. Health emergencies are often unexpected no matter how healthy our lifestyle and daily regimen are. As we continue to age, our body begins to degenerate and become prone to abnormalities and diseases. For the Family of Tina, they are lucky to have the financial capacity to address the situation so timely that the medical condition was immediately diagnosed and operated upon. Often we neglect the need to prepare for a health emergency. We only act when it is already there. Building a substantial medical fund is actually not that difficult if we prepare ahead of the need. At AXA-Philippines, we have various medical products designed to provide protection even after 60 days to ensure that if ever medical events happen, the family need not worry anymore with regards to the financial cost for diagnosis and medical intervention. Unlike HMO’s our coverage are substantial enough to address costly treatments and it can extend to a lifetime of coverage. If you are interested to know more, pls contact me. Thank you! Erick Bitoy 09054578904 or e mail me at

  200. marianne francisco says:

    Nothing is impossible to our Lord! Your story is very inspiring. To God all the glory!

  201. Ces says:

    God is so good. While reading your story I couldn’t stop my tears from falling. When I reached the part that the tumor was benign, again my tears fell but at the same time uttering thanks to the Lord. God bless your family sir.

  202. Erick Bitoy says:

    1 John 5:14, “And this is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.”
    May the Lord almighty heal those who are sick. To Tina and her family, God the healer has revealed himself to you. Thank you and God bless us all and keep us healthy for years to come. Amen!

  203. Dom Alimento Gonzaga says:

    As I read your story sir word for word I felt your great love for your wife and can’t help but shed a tears because of the conditions of your wife and the miracle happened in your family. Thanks for sharing your story I personally appreciate your well being and your family’s faith to God. I’m happy that another family become more closer to God. Spread the greatness of God in your family as I spread also how God works in our family. Your story is different from mine but we fell the same greatness and goodness of God. My mother said “good hearted people being blessed and always be blessed. God bless to you and your good family.

  204. Maria Francia Bacallo says:

    Thank You for this inspiring story Sir! I cant forget the lines, “The saddest part and The Longest part of your life!”, besides of being strong & very supportive of your love ones too, family, friends and taking care of all the specialists, I believe that “It was your love, Trust & Faith to God” that made the 2nd chance for your wife to live!

  205. victoriano llenos says:

    Very moving…touching and inspiring…God bless you and all the others who have challenges and issues of their own..

  206. Joyet says:

    God is really Great!
    Thank you for sharing a real story, a perfect love and unending Trust & Faith to God!
    May God Bless your family more!

    • Good morning , ts July 3,2016. Sa maagang pagbubukas nang internet, ito ang aking nabasa ang kuwento ni sir , na pakikibaka sa buhay nang kanyang asawa na si tina. Nagtulungan silang magasawa kasama ang pamilya nila sa mga nangyari ,kaya lalong tumibay ang kanilang paniniwala sa PONG Maykapal.
      Kahanga hanga ang mga nangyari sa problema na kanilang hinarap at pinagtagumpayan.Saludo po ako sa inyong Sir. Tamang ang DIYOS ang sumasubaybay sa LAHAT LAHAT. Umasa po tayong lahat at nandiyan siya para sa ating LAHAT. We are STRONG not WEAK. God Bless US po.

  207. Grace says:

    very inspiring, as always family comes first! <3 I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

  208. al jimenez says:

    God is good all the time, He is Great and resurrection of our life. This is worth to share because you are a loving husband to a good wife and have a perfect family. You are blessed.

  209. Gerry M. Juarez says:

    What a moving story of faith and love! Praised be God and may He bless your family more & more.

  210. Librada Pascual-VIllanueva says:

    You do not know me but a testimony such as yours should be shared especially to those who are “lukewarm” in their faith but most especially to the non- believers. Because of your Deep Faith in our Lord, HE walked along with you in this journey and surely HE heard your prayers! Continue to serve the Lord and give testimony and most of all GIVE GLORY TO GOD”… May the good Lord continue to grant you and your family Healing, Love, Peace, and Joy! May God be Glorified by your lives!!!
    It was such a joy to read your life’s testimony.
    God Bless
    Librada (Buds) VIllanueva
    We have a prayer group here in New Jersey, USA and we have witnessed miracles such as yours…..

  211. Librada Pascual-VIllanueva says:

    My email address is:

  212. Edna says:

    I was touched by your love to your wife Tina and your faith to our dear Lord. God is good and can move mountains and do his miracle to those who believe in him. Your faith healed your loving wife Tina. Though I do not know your family but when I read the story I felt the journey that you’ve been through…. By the way your from Lipa Batangas and I was born in Taal Batangas but I’ve been leaving in New York since the 80’s. What a beautiful family! God Blesss and continue enjoying your lovely wife Tina.

  213. Grace says:

    Love and faith is all that matters. Who could stop reading your story? Thank you so much for sharing. Good luck. Praying Tina would be totally cured.

  214. Ameurfina says:

    Our toughest times are our opportunities to continue reconnecting with the great Lord. He is the Way even if thete seems to be no way.

  215. Mark Quino says:

    Glory to God Sir. Youre such a lovely couple po.

  216. lorna says:

    hi..just want to express my sincerest thank you for sharing you and ms.tina’s story..I realize something this morning. this enlightened me..

    thanks to our god creator and to padre Pio for guiding us althrough out…godbless us always

  217. bobby says:

    Great story of faith, love and life! God bless.

  218. Liza Cuaresma says:

    I wasn’t able to hold back my tears while reading. Truly HE is our Great Healer & Great Doctor. Just believe & have faith. All things are possible with HIM.

  219. Mansueto C. Sibal says:

    Yo are really indeed lucky that the tumor turned out to be benign. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2B several years ago. Accepting the reality was very hard also knowing that we can not afford the treatment. Nevertheless, she went to several chemotherapy sessions. The dosage have to be split into two because her body can not tolerate it, making it more expensive for us. At some point, the chemotheraphy sessions have to be stopped because her liver was being affected. So she have to go to liver specialist for treatment. She had to undergo radiation theraphy. After that, she had daily tab of anti-cancer med and monthly IV injection to manage cancer cell growth. The routine tests were really expensive. We were force to sell our investment and use all savings to cover the treatment. After five years after she was diagnosed for breast cancer, it spread to her lungs, drainage pipe was placed. After a month stay in the hospital, she passed away. This coming sept, it would be her 3rd death anniversary.

  220. Mylene S. Obed says:

    God is really good!
    Maybe Ms. Tina still has a mission to fulfill, that is why the Lord saved her. By sharing your story, I believe you have started this mission – to spread the faith and inspire others. Continue to do it. Godbless!

  221. Denise says:

    2 things
    1. God is indeed good! He is the greatest physician. All we have to do it to put our faith and trust in His plans for us.
    2. I caanot help but share this amazing product which I feel can benefit your wife. I you know the power of hydrogen, based on many articles. Check out my website and PM me if Interested.

  222. Pearly Cardenas says:

    This is very heartwarming. I shared your post. This is what family is all about. It’s about faith and the power of prayers. I commend the husband for sharing this. Yes God is great! Keep on praying.

  223. Mary Ann Nicdao says:

    God is alive and all powerful. He is loving snd merciful…all glory and honor be unto Him. Happy for your family…

  224. Prayers really can move mountains … I hope it works too with my beautiful niece cassandra gok

  225. Katrina says:

    Habang binabasa ko ang message nyo po…nakakaiyak kasi right now 1 of my family experience also a cancer..we need to be strong..dasal lang..lahat nang problema my sulosyon thank you sir sa inspiring story mo po.god bless sa family..

  226. MICHAEL MATE says:


  227. June says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. May the good Lord bless you and your family always!!!

  228. cristy says:

    GOD is good all the time. Miracles always happens. Just believe and surrender!

  229. AL says:

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. God bless you more so you can continue to be a blessing to others.

  230. alice dakay tapdasan says:

    A great realization of how God’s love , mercy and compassion work on those who call on Him…God is good all the time !!!

  231. rosalie Tianchon says:

    God is so Good
    All the Time
    God bless your family

  232. Lily says:

    Indeed God is real sir! Inspiring story.

  233. Strauss Dennoyo says:

    Thanks for sharing your story..God bless

  234. Joy Locson says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. It’s like almost reading my own story. I was also diagnosed with similar problem, mine is herniated disc between T2andT3 and T3andT4. Initially my ortho doctor said it could be a tumor but thank God it’s not. I am still suffering pains and numbness. I fear because I am a mother of four young children. But I put all my trust in God. God is my refuge and source of my strength. I offer all of my worries to Him. He is my healer.

    • Denise says:

      God is good! We just have to have faith in Him and trust in His plans for us.
      I cannot help but share with you these thoughts that might help you. Are you familiar with the power of molecular hydrogen? That it is the most powerful but highly selective antioxidant? See my website and if interested PM or email me. There have been manu testimonies about it around the phil..

  235. Rebecca Bargo says:

    I couldn’t stop reading your story till the end it’s because your wife story is related to my story too but mine is on my neck (pain) and have a neuro case also. Our love story is almost the same too. Hope mine would be a happy ending also same as yours. God really is our strong foundation in our life with my husband Rodrigo. Our faith to God is always there and forever. Amen.

  236. Blush Latay says:

    God is Good! My mom died last October 2011, same symptoms. Ang hirap makita siya ,unti-unti nanghihina. Nagsimula sa sakit sa likod na sobrang sakit, tapos hanggang namanhid na ang kanyang mag paa. Walang naging symptoms, nangyari na lang sabay sabay 2 months niya dinala ang sakit at bigla na lang siyang nawala. Marami pa rin akong pinasalamat sa Diyos, dahit binigyan pa rin ako ng Diyos ng 2 buwan para iparamdam sa Nanay ko na Mahal ko siya , na hindi ko nagawa sa tatay ko ng nawala siya. Mahirap mawalan ng Magulang, pero LUMALABAN kami sa buhay at KUMAKAPIT sa Panginoon. Thank you for this Inspiring story–

    I Love you and miss you Mamy and Dade!

  237. Wade Yamamoto says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I’m am relieved that everything turned out well.

  238. Joyce says:

    thank you so much sir, your story inspires me so much, and it made me realize that i should spend all my time with my family, because they’re the one who’ll stay with you in terms of like this,,, i prayed and prayed that everything in my family will fall into places, and will be okay,.. i envy so much in your such a perfect family, but i believe on we have different stories to tell, to make everyone around us inspire and get lessons to learn…

    thank you for sharing,,, it uplift my spirit to get closer to God and trust him all/everything…. thank you,,,,,,,

    my only hope, everyone will read this wonderful message,

  239. Virgincita L. Gacal says:

    Thanks Sir Ricky for sharing your beautiful & inspiring story. Praise & thank the Lord & God is good all the time…have faith in Him & never doubt…( Ephesians 2:8- For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.) , ( 2 Timothy 4:7- I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.) & ( Mark 5:34- He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”)… God Bless you Sir & your family always… To God Be The Glory…

  240. Roma Quijano says:

    A big thanks for sharing this story.I can relate how you trust God with this challenging event in your life.My friend was diagnosed of Cholelithiasis or gallbladder stones & has to undergo emergency cholecystectomy. Successful operation but there has been complications. She stayed in the ICU for 7 days & with God’s help & prayers of all her loveones,friends & officemates, she was healed.We must put our trust & have strong faith that challenges shall pass.Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren is an inspirational book that help me understand every circumstance I’ve been through.Godbless you & your family.

  241. Ed says:

    What a beautiful story of faith & love. Inspiring! God Bless both of you.

  242. Malou Cornell says:

    Your story is so inspiring and reminds us to not forget that we have a big GOD who will never leave and forsake us. There is nothing impossible with Him! Praise God for her brand new life. Amen to that.

  243. Cora Villena says:

    It is a fact that we all experience unexpected ups and downs in life.
    God allows these (crises – physically, financially, emotionally) things to happen, as humbling experiences and for us to trust and rely on Him all the time, because when we are in our glory days, we are beaming with pride.
    God is our Divine Healer – of Relationships… of
    Health in Mind, Body, and Spirit… of Finances…
    When we experience His miracles in our lives, we should never forget His mercy and should forever proclaim His love and wonders, so that we will inspire others to believe and live according to His most holy will.
    Blessings to your family, sir Ricky. (And to all the readers in your post.)

  244. marlyn g. jover says:

    Thank you very much for sharing. It’s inspiring.

  245. Vanessa J says:

    Praise God!


    Pray without ceasing for this is the will of God! Even His best servant Job… was put to test.

  247. Enrique says:

    Praise the Lord ! Our God heals! Am a bit emotional when reading every word of your testimony Ricky . I realise again the importance of spending quality time of a dearest loved one. Am certain, the with God’s overflowing blessings, you and your wife Tina together with your children will spend more years in the hands of the God Almighty. God bless you all abundantly !

  248. Virgincita L. Gacal says:

    Thanks Sir Ricky for sharing your beautiful & inspiring story. Praise & thank the Lord & God is good all the time…have faith in Him & never doubt.. (Ephesians 2:8- For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.) , ( 2 Timothy 4:7- I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.) & ( Mark 5:34- He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”)… God Bless you Sir & your family always… To God Be The Glory…

  249. Chris says:

    Dr. Eduardo Mercado is the best! He was my neuro and surgeon for transphenoidal surgery! He gave me hope an angel from God above ? I was diagnosed of cushing disease last 2009 a very rare case that only 10 out of a million are having this. No other doctor has found out my case. 4months of struggling until I google my symptoms… and a good friend introduced me to Dr Mercado. He and he’s team are incomparable ?

  250. Chris says:

    You are a real inspiration ? thank you for sharing. Dr. Eduardo Mercado is the best! He was my neuro and surgeon for transphenoidal surgery! He gave me hope an angel from God above ? I was diagnosed of cushing disease last 2009 a very rare case that only 10 out of a million are having this. No other doctor has found out my case. 4months of struggling until I google my symptoms… and a good friend introduced me to Dr Mercado. He and he’s team are incomparable ?

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Chris! Dr. Mercado is also so humble. He says it’s not him but the Lord who guides him to make good medical decisions. Glad you’re now well. Praises God!

  251. JC Gonzales says:


    One of the most moving and inspiring narratives that I’ve read. There will be moments in our life when our faith will be shaken and tested. But that is exactly what our faith in God is for. TO SURVIVE THE TEST OF PAIN AND DEATH. ❤

    “When we got home, I tried to comfort her. She was extremely sad. But I remember as we lay in bed that afternoon, we agreed not to question God. Times like this, the natural tendency of people is to find blame and be angry. But for some reason, we knew it was wrong to question our God.” ✔✔✔


    Paging Charo Santos-Concio, Mel Tiangco, Jessica Soho, and Korina Sanchez-Roxas. Please feature this family’s amazing story of faith in your respective shows. Should be witnessed by more Filipinos.


  252. Winnie Araquel says:

    Thank you for inspiring and giving hope. I myself was diagnosed with early stage endometrial cancer. I praise and thank the Lord that it was detected at once. I am not undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy. God is so good!

  253. Nimfa L. Alban says:

    I was crying while reading your experience as my husband has been diagnosed with myositis, then on another opinion.. ALS. After another referal was after all a myositis. He was declared clinically dead after several attempts to revive him and 25 minutes. God must be sending us a message. Right now after the December 15,2014 unforgetable date in our lives, he is in bed most of the time and does not want to sit in his wheelchair due to saliva secretion which he fears may fully fill the trache. You gave me an optomistic idea to consult a well recommended neurologist and spine specialist in your story. God bless.

  254. erlinda yuson says:

    Praise the Lord, God is really so good. Thank you for sharing your story sir. God bless the entire family.

  255. Lala ramod says:

    So inspiring… God is always good!

  256. Juliet says:

    Thank you for sharing your story…praise the Lord, our Divine Healer! To God be the Glory!

  257. Tedb says:

    Awesome story of love and faith. Thanks for sharing. May God continue to bless your family!

  258. Delia Jacob says:

    God is good..all the time.

  259. Gemma says:

    I was crying while reading this coz i could feel the ordeal u felt. I could feel the love u have for each other . Truly, God must be the center of our lives. HE makes wonders and miracles if only we TRUST in HIM. HE is always my savior,protector and provider.

  260. rutchie says:

    God is so good for those who have faith in him…

  261. jojo salazar says:

    Tears ran down my cheeks while reading your story. Very inspiring and i felt that truly, GOD is the Greatest Physician. I know Dr. Amado San Luis, he took care of my lolo’s both in my father’s side and husband’s side. Lolo Placido Arizapa and Ama Elino Peralta. DR, San Luis is a very caring doctor. Ama, had infinite strokes from heart center to lung center, but our beloved doctor never gave up unthil he was string enough to fly to the states, which is ama’s life long dream. Ama, died, 9 years later, at 93.

  262. Mark Anthony says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. Is it “Astrocytoma Intramedullary Tumor”? I think it’s the same as mine but much higher C2 to T3 and also benign. Sadly, I’ve been suffering from scoliosis before the tumor was detected when I was in grade 6 (now I’m 37). I was operated a year later at the Polymedic General Hospital now VRPMC (because my parents work there) and I undergone physical therapy but after five years I had a recurrent and this time its worse. Though I have weak legs before, the recurrent makes it even weaker, I have a hard time moving my legs and it feels so heavy. I told myself “limang taong physical therapy nawala lahat sa loob lang ng isang buwan”. That’s how frustrated I am, my doctor, Dr. Manuel Mariano, that time he’s still a doctor in Cardinal Santos gave me a steroid (tablet) to test if I can move my legs even for a bit. It works and I have to use it for several months before operating me again at the PGH. But since then, my recovery was slow and to add more burdens I was suffering from spinal cord fluid leak while withdrawing from steroid. I was bedridden for almost two months because of this, but when the leak stopped and I was finally free from steroids my recuperating took the toll. Before I can walk without an assist, just my cane but after the recurrent my balance was gone and I need assistance while still using my cane. Now I’m on a wheelchair, though I don’t want to, I had to. I became a father (thank God). It’s hard to be left at home while your growing child goes to the mall or other places, that’s why I have to.
    Anyway, just sharing my experience with intramedullary tumor and hoping the recurrent won’t happen to you. Please double check it with your neuro,
    God Bless!

  263. Stephen Clark says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, a difficult trial but God is with us in these things.

    Thanks be to God

  264. Angelo says:

    Our good GOD is meanly alive, this is just a some proof that we have a real GOD that always been in our side mostly during difficult moment…GOd is moving! Please let us pray and share the wonderful works of God so we can inspire.them to build faith to our YAHWEH.

  265. Carrie Leung says:

    Ricky, my family and I can totally relate to what you have experienced. My daughter had AVM. The same ream of doctors operated on her. We continually be thankful to Drs. Mercado and Gimenez. But more greatful to God that He gave Gabbie a chance to experience life. We are also fortunately enough that we had our prayer bridage. They stormed heaven with prayers for Gabbie’s recovery. Now, she is a very healthy and active girl. We just have to keep our Faith. He is the ultimate Healer.

  266. Paul says:

    My dear brother, you touched my heart, tears fell from my eyes, I’m a surgeon I can feel what you felt. But there is only one thing that I can say, give your best as if it is your last day today!!!! Be a channel of blessing to other, God gave you a miracle, your wife is your angel … Love her to the fullest!!!! And ask God your purpose driven life, it might be the start. I will pray for you n your wife. Be Gods servant… Good day n take care, God bless.

  267. malou says:

    Praise GOD for his miraculous deeds….Somehow in our life we experienced things that were not usual… It just so happened that GOD wants us to be awaken and kept us leading his way… He is always there no matter what circumstances we experience in life as long as we believe and keep our faith unto him. Praise GOD above all things…..

  268. Rachel B. Aggabao says:

    Heartfelt! May God bless your family!

  269. josselmarie says:

    God is always attentive to our prayers.

  270. joanna says:

    Indeed a beautiful life with God. Thank you for sharing your blessed story. God is good all the time!

  271. Lester says:

    God is goof all time. This scenario in our life will make our love to each other more stronger because at the weakest point of our lives our family will always be there for us no matter what. Praise God!

  272. Cypher Escobar says:

    Thanks for was worth the reading..
    No life is perfect indeed.

  273. Presie says:

    Thank you Lord through the intetcession of St. Padre Pio your wife was miraculously healed.
    God bless you and your whole family.
    Hope to see you again at the Shrine.

  274. beatriz villaviza says:

    thank u for sharing ur story. i had thyroid lobectomy 2mos ago due to enlarged multi nodular goiter but when they examined it, it was malignant. i questioned God why me of all people. im not rich and im working for my family. up to now im questioning Him. but when I read ur stories i felt sorry for that. and now I believe that PRAYER is the answer. have FAITH in God. believe in HIM.

  275. Marie says:

    Praise the Lord!

  276. JoyGetsYnah says:

    A very inspiring story… Thank you sir for sharing this… May God continue to bless us???

  277. yoj says:

    you are so blessed..

  278. Elma M. Banzuela says:

    God is so good!
    While reading, I remember when my husband who got sick last July 2004 and died last June 24, 2008 because of Chronic Renal Failure, 4 years nag undergone ng hemodialysis… napakahirap lalo na ng sumuko na sya sa battle namin… and the hardest question I received from my eldest son (he was 7 at that time) Nanay I pray naman bakit di pa nagaling si Tatay. That very moment sabi ko sa sarili ko pano ko sasagutin ito na ang faith ng anak ay hindi mawawala. I told him änak walang hinangad si God na ikasasama natin… may plano sya sa bawat isa sa atin na hindi ko alam… basta ang alam ko anuman ang mangyari di nya tayo pababayaan! During those days kahit isang saglit di ko naramdaman na pinabayaan nya ako.
    Thank you for sharing your story nalungkot man ako sa oras na ito pero masaya na dahil again I realized how powerful ang faith and love!

  279. Nai Lou says:

    Miracles happened to those who believe!!!

  280. bengbeng santiago says:

    so inspiring story of you as a couple and as a family…god is been so good nothing is imposible without him we are nothing….Padre Pio says to us as his devotee No Worry anymore…..god bless us all

  281. Omesh says:

    In God we Trust!

  282. Anonymous says:

    God works in mysterious ways….ways too mysterious for us to comprehend. So he tests us in many ways. Weird ways, sad ways…most of the time where he knows where we are weak and when we are weak.
    But as we fight and steadfastly continue to pray with all our strength things get better , clearer and at the end he will make us understand, make us see what we did not see, hear and understand what used to be like a noise, a noise so deafening to our ears that it also blinds our sight.
    But at the end he will reveal the reason. And that reason is and will always be worth the pain.

  283. carol says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good.

    My mother-in-law died of cancer at the age of 75. She was a fighter. Often times during her ordeal, we hear her “castigate” the tumor. Like most of the families, spending time in the hospital. I remember when she requested to go home for her birthday and the Christmas Season. We never leave her alone by herself. I believe faith in God is number one, then loved ones support.

    So admirable is your wife’s bravery through her ordeal, your is your courage to hold on and the rest of your family, their unconditional love.
    To God be all the glory!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Sorry to hear about your Mother in law. We also suffered losses when my 2 brothers succumbed to cancer when they were still young. Tina is both lucky and brave indeed and all the love and prayers moved heaven and healed her. As you say, “To God be all the glory!”

  284. Bunny Cabangon Briones says:

    Very inspiring.Same in my case.Also the Doctors mention in Cardinal Santos are also my Doctors.They are all accomodating & giving hope to all patients & good.Best Doctors. God answered all our prayers.Godis so good to us.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Yes Bunny, Dr. Mercado’s team is not only competent. They are very decent people with great gifts. God works through them.

  285. Marian Manuel says:

    God is always true to His words! “All things work together for the good of those who love God.” (Rom 8:28)

    Thank you for sharing your story, Tina and Ricky. We are so inspired. God bless you and your family more!

    Let’s continue to pray for one another.

  286. gina lyn Co says:

    Jesus heals! he has done that before and He is still doing right now!!
    We just have to pray…pray..pray..and keep a strong faith in HIM
    Not only through the hard times..but in every second of the day…24/7
    We are created in His likesness, and our main purpose here on earth is to be like HIM.
    that is our higher calling. We are all called to follow HIM.

  287. gina lyn Co says:

    Jesus heals! he has done that before and He is still doing it right now!!
    We just have to pray…pray..pray..and keep a strong faith in HIM
    Not only through the hard times..but in every second of the day…24/7
    We are created in His likesness, and our main purpose here on earth is to be like HIM.
    that is our higher calling. We are all called to follow HIM.

  288. rose says:

    Try also attend Jesus Miracle Crusade Int’l Ministry I have sickness in the blood I am cured by our Lord Jesus Christ!! thru the lead prayers of Evangelist Wilde E. Almeda and also our lives were change because of our Lord Jesus Christ its in Amoranto Stadium QC Sunday 10am to 5pm or Wed 4-8pm or Friday 8:30pm to 4am you may contact them 4193019; 3729194

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank Rose for the invite. We are very humbled that our story inspired you,too. God bless you and your family.

  289. Ma. Laarnie Y. Navidad says:

    Una sa lahat masasabi kong hanga ako sa pagmamahal mo sa asawa mo. Napaka swerte nang asawa mo dahil sa inyo na wagas ang pagmamahal at suporta sa kanya. At lalong swerte siya dahil binigyan pa sya nang Dos nang pngalawang pagkakataon na mabuhay. Hindi tayo magka kilala pero naantig ako sa inilahad mong kwento tungkol sa pinagdaanan nang pamilya mo lalo na ang asawa mo. Sa huli ay napaka saya ko dahil naligtas ang mahal mong asawa sa bingit nang maagang pagkawala. Truly from the bottom of my heart masaya ako para sa pamilya mo, para sa asawa mo. Ako rin ay may katulad na problema. Ang asawa ko ay hindi na maka lakad. Nung una numbness lang ang nararamdaman niya sa left leg niya. ngayon dalawang paa na ang hirap syang ikilos. Nung minsang ipakita namin sya sa doctor sabi kailngan daw siyang i-MRI that was 3 years ago. At dahil sa kawalan hangang ngayon hindi pa namin sya napa MRI. kung nuon numb lang ang paa niya ngayon may pain na syang nararamdamam. Ganito kahirap ang kalagayan nang asawa ko. Wala akong magawa dahil wala kaming financial resources. Ipinapa sa Dios ko nalang ang lahat. Sana ay magtuloy-tuloy ang pag galing nang asawa mo.

  290. boydee dondiego says:

    Truly God is Merciful. Thank you for this powerful sharing. May God be praised!

  291. jerome laceda says:

    This is really an inspiring testimony. God has been so GOOD as he’s always been.. Anyway, I believe that this life is just temporary and all sickness shall pass away and Families can be together forever!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Jerome, we are really happy our story inspired a lot of people and we to are learning much more by the comments we get, like yours. Thank you.

  292. Raymond says:

    You have both been blessed. Peace of the Lord be always with you.

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    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi, thank you for re-telling our story. I hope it touches more hearts thru your site The Asian Parent.

  294. gloria despuig says:

    God is good, all the time.

  295. Rich Sayoto says:

    Ur story brought tears in my eyes. That is d power of prayers. We r in d same boat. My friend and partner of over 30 years have similar situation with ur wife. What she has experienced the pain numbness and tingling all d same but i think her pain is more worst as there r nights i wake up hearing her cry because of pain. We went to c a neurologist do d MRI and found out there is a large dumbbell shape mass originating L3 -L4 and occupies 75 to 80% cross sectional area of d spinal. We were recommended to undergo operation but refused to do it for fear that all d nerves were there and one mistake can affect her future. We opted to do treatment d natural way. I don’t know if u r aware of this turmeric tablet called ukone from japan where it shrinks tumor and coupled with alkaline water. A year later from d time it was diagnosed pain is gone. We r now scheduled to do her next MRI to determine what happened to d tumor. First we thank Him for healing my partner and shrinking d tumor. We claimed her healing. He is a powerful God. He hears and answers prayers. We will include u in our prayers for her complete healing and recovery.

    • Tina Montecillo says:

      Hello Rich, thank you for sharing your story. So happy to know that your partner is now okay.May I know where you get the turmeric tablet and if you don’t mind, how much?
      Stay well.

  296. Jack Hoover says:

    My wife got very similar symptoms. Do you know what kind of reflex tests pointed to tuma?

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Jack, it started with back pains and Tina said it travelled to her limbs. Soon it progressed to numbing and tingling sensation to her legs, feet and buttocks. The Tumor was detected thru an MRI.

  297. Cielo camargo says:

    Can’t stop crying while reading your story. Born and raised in my catholic faith but sometimes life gets in the way and God seems so far away. It took your story to let me realize how little my faith is. Thank you God for making me realize that You are all i need and not to worry so much. Thank you for being God’s instrument in reminding me of His love for me and my family. GOD IS REALLY GOOD!!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Cielo, it was really a sad time for us but it made us all the more blessed when we believed Tina was healed. Thank you for your comments and we are happy it had a good impact on you. God bless you.

  298. Sarah Rosario says:

    I had a very similar case 10years ago. It was a tumor on my pituitary gland. I owe my life to Him, to my mother who fervently prayed to Mama Mary, and to the God-sent excellent tandem of Dr. Mercado and Dr. Gimenez. Now, it is Dr. Gimenez who look after me to ensure I am in great shape even after a decade since I underwent the surgery. Surely, this is my 2nd life that I should cherish and be grateful for. Your story made me realize I had not been praying the rosary just like what I did during my recovery stage. Thank you for reminding me that life is full of miracles and that He truly responds to those who are in great need.

    • Tina Montecillo says:

      Hello Sarah, happy to know that you are well. God is really great. The rosary is a very powerful prayer. Have been praying the rosary for years now but there are days I miss too. There are so many distractions in our everyday lives but at the end of each day we are reminded that we are loved by a giving and loving God.
      Thank you for reading our story.

    • Arnel Formaran says:

      I myself was a true witness to the kindness and compassion.of dr. Gimenez. I have several seizures attack since 2014.. and i just gone thru the brain craniotomy at ust hospital last june 29,2018 with the great team of doc. Michael gimenez. I was out after 5 days. I have seen 2 neurosurgeon and chooses which one should i choose to perform but after several visits and consultation with dr. Gimenez. I feel the peace of mind and complete trust of his ability to take care of me. And i remember what he said to me once that he will take care of me and i will live a longer life as long as i follow his advice. And i followed his advice after a long decision making bec. I am afraid and hoping for a miracle to happen to subside or disappear the tumor in my frontal lobe which causes seizure on my part. After the surgery. I felt normal and my recovry was very fast. It really helps if you trust completely with your doctor and his team and their solemn words which will give you peace of mind. Now i am still awaiting for the official result of the biopsy.. hoping for a good news but i know it is a good news but as dr. Gimenez told me let as w8 for the official result from the supreme court of specialist. Hehe.. maybe they were also surprise to see my fast recovery… but how did i prepare myself.. after i learned my condition… i study and keep on researching to be strong and prepared for all the process i have to undergo. And my knowledge and trust to my doctors keep me very strong… and prayers… greatly help….to give me peace of mind…. great supports of my friends and family… and for my boss who took care of my billings… it adds up to give me a piece of mind. Hehe

  299. Thank you for your post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

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  301. John says:

    Hi, I do believe this is an excellent site. I stumbledupon it 😉
    I will come back yet again since i have bookmarked it. Money and freedom is the greatest way to change, may you be rich and continue
    to guide other people.

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  303. Marie says:

    Hi Tina and Ricky,

    Thank you for sharing your very inspiring story. Indeed God is faithful to those who believes in Him. He allowed difficult things to happen not to punish us but for us to get closer to Him. God bless your family.

  304. ridingintandem says:

    Hi Marie, we are thankful that our faith was intact during those times, I cannot imagine what might have been if we were non-believers. However the outcome,our faith in God would comfort us and we are so blessed that He healed Tina. Thank you for your feedback!

  305. Donna Monteagudo says:

    Hi Ricky. Thank you for sharing your story, what a beautiful testament of faith and love. St. Padre Pio is a powerful intercessor.
    I have seen you and Tina as a very young, in-love teenage couple; so wonderful to know that it has grown to a mature, nourished love.
    Best regards to both of you!
    (You write well.)
    From an ex-Philam resident,
    Donna Amora-Monteagudo

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hello Donna! Who can forget you! Yes Tina and I stood the test of time and have grown up together. Still, together. Glad you too were inspired by our story! We have since been a St. Padre Pio devotee. God bless Donna and hope to see you around.

  306. “This is one awesome blog post.Much thanks again. Great.”

  307. Kakai says:

    O SON OF MAN! Should prosperity befall thee, rejoice not, and should abasement come upon thee, grieve not, for both shall pass away and be no more. (Baha’u’llah)

  308. Single Mom says:

    Hello Ricky,

    Praise God for your beautiful wife is healed. While reading each line, I couldn’t help but scroll up and down looking at your beautiful family photos. I felt your pain and worries . I have had my own near death experiences within my family and I could say that only intense prayers was able to save me and my beloved children’s lives. Miracles still happen if you believe. Halleluiah !! Amen.

  309. Anna says:

    Hello there it’s so nice knowing abt this. I’m so happy reading of this good news Praise God! I’m from Negros, Way back 1999 we went to Manila cz my husband was found out to hv brain tumor and we went to almost same ordeal. Went from UERM to Cardinal Santos cz referred Dr Mercado as the best neurosurgeon and yes he is!with God’s guidance of course. My husband is still alive after 18 yrs despite given only 6mos to live. Truly God is amazing. Dr Mercado fondly called him as d miracle man but I kp on thanking him cz he helped us so much. God bless u and Ms Tina.

  310. Im thankful for the article post.Thanks Again. Great.

  311. rods says:

    was holding my breath and thinking of not reading it anymore because i dont want be sad. But i continued and start smiling. This is what i’ve always prayed and thank for good health and a happy relationship with my children and my husband. Thank God Tina’s healed and no serious illness. God Bless us all?????? inspiring story?

  312. Irish Bagagunio says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this very inspiring story of your family.. Gods really loves us and with him nothing is impossible. My family is planning to visit fr Pio church in sto tomas batangas this coming sunday. I know he will answer all my prayers. Im working in Cardinal and im so proud with our doctors especially to the team of Dr Mercado they are really kind to everyone esp with Cardinal people and thier family.. God bless us all

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Irish! We feel so blessed and sharing our story is our way to help out others who relate with the experience and give them hope.

  313. Janice Santos says:

    Hi Sir, God is really great. He always works in every lives of people who believes in him. i was about to cry while reading your story and it melted my heart because of happiness that again and again God never fails to show his love to his children. I am so happy to know that your wife,, Ms. Tina, are already healed by our God. And i am really glad that another couple, together are praising God. You are such an inspiration to me and to my husband. God bless you and your Family po..

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thank you Janice! We are truly blessed for what happened and we are happy to be inspiring so many with the story. Our faith in God had never been stronger.

  314. Ron Dasmarinas says:

    Mark 11:24
    24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
    ….and you’re not lucky, you are all bless! Praise the Lord.

  315. Yette de Guia says:

    Hi Ricky! My friend just shared this on FB minutes ago. I didn’t realize it was you until i enlarged the first picture. What a journey you, Tina and the family had to go through but I am relieved to know it turned out okay. Thanks for sharing your story. Please give my regards to Tina. Best of health and life to you both. 😊

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Yette, yep life decided to throw a curve ball our way. Luckily we lived through it. Swerte and blessed pa rin tayo. Warm regards!

  316. Sam says:

    You made me cry reading yout post. My wife of 33 years has stage 4 cancer undergoing chemo and radiation.

  317. Grace Codamon says:

    Amen 🙏 Prayer is powerful… God is good all the time.. God bless ur family..

  318. patrizia says:

    long live the montecillos! you are indeed blessed.

  319. shai says:

    Thank you for sharing! Indeed, God’s love for us is immeasurable.

  320. Luisa says:

    I have been touched by your story. Thank you for reminding me of the blessings I have. Thank you. May your wife be continually healed.

  321. jasmin catherine a. taleon says:

    Thank you,

    What you shared is an inspiration to many, I was touched but then i know Gods miracle is always present in our prayers, He is there when we needed him most, He is there when we are weak coz His love for us has no end

  322. That’s not sad at all. Be strong and faithful, the Lord will provide blessings.

  323. Editha Salvador says:

    Thank you for this very inspiring story. I had been diagnosed with lumbar spondylolisthesis late last year and I had the tingling and numb sensations on my right leg for several months now. I had rehab sessions but the pain on my lower back and right leg wouldn’t go away. The neurologist had suggested surgery but I have researched on it and found that it is not a 100% assurance that I would be cured. As of now, I’m living my life on a day to day basis trying to manage the pain with the exercises learned during my rehab sessions. Your story is truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing it.

  324. Thanks for sharing…
    GOD is good all the time…

  325. Je-Ann Ibanez says:

    The story is so inspiring. God indeed is so powerful and mysterious. I admire the faith you guys have. God bless your family.

    • ridingintandem says:

      We are very happy that our story is touching so many. This is another of God’s gift to us. Thank you Je-Ann.

  326. Gladys A. Reyes says:

    The story was really touching and inspiring. Prayers can change everything if you believe in him faithfully he will hear you and gives what your heart desires. There’s one point in my life when I was so down and depress and asking for answers and suddenly I can see a bright sunshine which I feel something different and something telling me in my heart that I will be ok and it did. Miracles happened everywhere and being with him and talking to God is one of my happy moments each day. Enjoy each day and godbless to your family.

  327. Nors G. Ismail says:

    Woww! Praise the Lord! I couldn’t help being teary-eyed… My God.. Woowww! Amazing! Thank you, Lord for your love… simply wow! Praise the Lord! 😀

    I do believe prayers can move mountains! 🙂

  328. Joey Diaz says:

    Such an inspiring story. Indeed, God answers prayers! Thank you for sharing.

  329. Sheila Thelma Bongui Dacumos says:

    I am so deeply touched with your story sir Ricky.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Thanks Sheila! Everyone has a story. Still can’t believe your hospitality when you took all 10 riders to stay in your home in Kabugao. We are very grateful to you and your family.

      • Sheila Thelma Bongui Dacumos says:

        My mom said your visit was indeed a blessing, an answered prayer for both of them too. Thank you so much for appreciating. I wished I had given you something for a souvenir.

  330. Vina A. Araojo says:

    Very inspiring story. Thank u for sharing the story that broke your heart but made your family stronger . It was true that when we encounter big problems or face a storm in our lives, we questioned God…i myself questioned him whenever an swered prayer was given bur also did not turn out to what is supposedly for. But then, I also realized at the end that God has other purpose and he just want me to become stronger. God is good all the time. We really just need to trust him. God bless u and your family.

  331. I, too is been experiencing upper & lower back pains. I think it is my spines. I sometimes go through paralysis that I cannot move not even a bit in my bed. Once able to stand up I cannot walk without holding to our walls, or table or whatever I can hold on to. I cannot walk straight and my son had helped me even to put my underwear.

    It is very scary indeed and living here in America I thought I might be able to find out what is wrong with my back. I had this pains everyday of my life. I have to keep myself busy at all times to ignore the pains….but I always feel the pain. No doctors had said anything besides prescribing me pain medications.

    I am so grateful of your story. Ni have similar symptoms and this made me open my eyes! I am going to make an appointment to a neurologist to find out more what is causing my pains.

    I appreciate your awesome story and always remember:!!GOD IS GOOD❤️ I would love to give Tina my ALOHA for being strong. She is beautiful indeed! Blessings to both of you!


    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Carmelita, aloha to you. I hope you get a good diagnosis for your condition. With prayers and faith our good God heals. We will pray for you. Thanks!

  332. Immaculate says:

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! God bless you and your wonderful family always! God is truly good all the time❤️

    • ridingintandem says:

      It’s been almost 2 years since this happened. We are so sure Tina’s healing is a miracle from God. Thank you Immaculate.

  333. Lilian says:

    Its been a year since I shared your post in my FB acct. I was like you then . Nagkaroon ng bukol ang asawa ko sa bituka and he was diagnosed with SIGMOID ADENOCARCI NOMA and performed Hartmann’s Procedure. Doctors in Jose Reyes Hospital told us to be prepared for his chemo therapy and series of lab tests. Ung bukol na tinanggal sa kanya ay pinadala sa Pathologist for further evaluation. I resigned from my job para mas maalagaan ko sya at masamahan sa check ups nya. Wala kming malaking panggastos at kakayahan para sa iba pang gastusin. Kumapit ako sa panginoon. Feb last year nung una kming pumunta sa Padre Pio shrine sa batangas. Humingi ng awa sa tulong ni Padre Pio to helps us in his needs. I even seeked helps from our government officials. Natakot ako pero hindi ako sumuko. Then I read your story. Na inspired ako to keep holding on. Pinagpatuloy ko ang pakikipaglaban para sa asawa ko.
    Last November 2016 sabi ng doctor i undergo operation uli si mister. Pag may nakitang bukol uli ay hindi na pagdudugtungin ang bituka nya. Pinaghanda kmi ng malaking halaga para sa gagamiting surgical stapler, laboratory test at gamot na kakailanganin. Natuloy ang operasyon at naikabit ang bituka nya. Nung kinuha ko ang result ng biopsy nya… Thank God … negative . Ang laki ng pasasalamat ko sa Kanya sa tulong ni Padre Pio at sa mga tulad mo na nagbigay ng lakas ng loob dahil sa story mo. Till now ay dumadalaw pa rin kmi sa Shrine ni Padre Pio but this time para sa pasasalamat (and asking help naman na mabayaran ang pagkakautang namin and makapagtrabaho uli☺️😃) Hindi man makapagtrabaho uli si mr ng normal , ang mahalaga ay nakikita naming malakas at maganda ang kanyang kalusugan. Again maraming salamat sa inspirasyon mo na nai share sa maraming tao. God bless you po.

    • ridingintandem says:

      This is just amazing Lilian! Praise the Lord! We are so happy your husband is healed. Padre Pio’s intercession is so powerful!

  334. noel says:

    I’m not religious and still experiencing a roller coaster life but upon reading your story I’m inspired and realized that there’s more to life, will recalibrate our outlook in life thank you very much….

    • ridingintandem says:

      Yes Noel sometimes it takes a life changing experience to see how God works. Trust Him. Thank you!

  335. Faye Quimson says:

    Naiyak po ako sa story nyo and suddenly naging happy po ako at happy ending po pala. Praise the Lord!!!

  336. karen says:

    You made me cry sir. am glad ur wife is now fit and healthy. i am also a devotee of St. Padre Pio.

  337. Xavier says:

    A good friend forwarded your story to me. I read it and thank you for your inspiration!! God is Good!!

  338. Menchie Diaz-Rosario says:

    Hi Sir. It was indeed a heart breaking story, I can’t help myself not to cry. Actually ,just got open my fb today as I open my account, my sister in law tag this story of yours, and she wants me to read it. Then my tears keep falling as I read the story of your wife, because we had almost the same story way back 9 years ago.. With the same hospital & the same team of doctors, how could I forget Dr. Ed Mercado & Dr. Giminez they are the one who save my husband’s life after he was diagnosed of a brain tumor located at the brain stem.
    They are truly one of the best .
    Our faith to God become more stronger,, and I strongly believed sir that God will not give us trials that we can’t stand on it, & I know we can.
    Its been 9 years now and my husband is strongly kicking and working.. Godbless to your family!

  339. Fredrick says:

    Very inspiring!!Thanks for sharing. God is an Awesome!!!

  340. Hi ricky, thanks for sharing your story. it reminds me of the the difference between having blessed life versus comfortable life. thanks for putting your experience in pen and paper, it inspire every family and members of it. Godbless you and family.

  341. Kcat Yarza says:

    Beautiful, beautiful story. I loved reading this.

    Thank you for sharing the inspiration with us.

    AMAZING! #GODisincontrol

  342. Joel montenegro says:

    Ricky, i really thank God for the gift of life He gave to Tina… your strory is an anecdote of a true believer and truly an inspiration…right this very moment i was moved and touched how God saved your beautiful and brave wife…you are also a true spirit of bravery not afraid of facing any trouble in life and strong enough to ask God by praying earnestly howling for miracle for tina….i salute you and the whole family for the Faith you have in God… yours is an open story telling everybody who suffers similar trials to be strong, solid, brave and stand still…many others are in similar fate. Ricky while it is true and amazing how Tina was saved in the wrath of cancer…reading your story made me cry because yours is not just a story of how Faith saves Tina, but the love story you have opened the eyes of thousands still counting to millions…when you come to an end of your rope, you never allow yourself to fall. Instead you tie a knot on it and hanged on. This spirit of bravery tells us that life must be lived…morally, you have no choice but to go on stronger still. Socially, your connections to others was never cut. Ricky though i never knew you but it seems reading your story i have connectiob with your family… I thank God for the gift of life to all of us… i also thank you ricky for sharing your story to the world… I thank you for the opportunity of reading this amazing story….I salute and thank Tina and your children for the solidarity…i say THANK YOU RICKY….

  343. Lynne Jocson says:

    Is it okay if I share your story to my Facebook Page The Miracles of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina? It’s a story telling all of us to Hope, Pray and Don’t Worry!!! God Bless you and Tina

  344. Voleth Florogo says:

    Thank you for sharing your life testimony. Very inspiring. Praise God!

  345. John Ervin says:

    “there can never be a perfect life without Him at the center.”
    In God, we are all complete.

  346. 86Sanford says:

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    quality content. If you want to know how to make extra money, search for: best adsense alternative Wrastain’s

  347. Shey says:

    Dear sir,
    Good day!
    I was really inspired of your wife’s story.
    Had my spine surgery as well due to tumor which i am thankful it’s benign and can live long. Tumor removal in full not possible due can cause still of paralysis.
    Underwent procedure last sep 05, 2017 thru the care of good doctors; Dr. Michael Louis Gimenez, Dr. Charles Tan and Dr. Ranoa @ Cardinal Santos.
    At the moment, I am needing full assistance due cannot walk alone that’s why physical therapy commenced at once. And i am very positive and strong-willed that I can walk too soon just like what my Super Doctor’s are advicing me and I am very appreciative for the support and care they are giving me.
    Only need is time, patience and perseverance. Keeping the faith and trust in the Lord.

    Hope could be able to send as well private message.

    Thank you Sir and God bless always 🙂

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Shey, Tina and I will pray for your speedy and complete recovery. As in our experience, your doctors are the best. Both Tina and your are fortunate that the tumors are benign. God bless you.

  348. You ought to be a part of a contest for one of the finest websites on the
    internet. I most certainly will recommend this website!

  349. Arnel formaran says:

    I am a living proof for the kindness and great team of dr. Michael louis gimenez. They perform my brain craniotomy at ust hospital on june 28,2018and i was out in the hospital after 5 days. Still waiting for the official biopsy. Hoping for the positive news

    • arnelformaran says:

      Thank you ricky… i am optimistic for the result… because i have soo much faith with my doctors who took care of me..

  350. This is myy first time pay a visijt at here and i am actually happy to read everthing at alone place.

  351. Judi Poker says:

    Everything is very open with a very clear description of the challenges.
    It was really informative. Your website is extremely helpful.
    Many thanks for sharing!

  352. Dindo says:

    Thanks God!

    I was really in tears and praying while reading!😢

    Praised Him!

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