July 14, 2016

I really have to write about this and share Tina’s story to as much people as we can. There is a compelling reason to proclaim the amazing things happening to us one year since my wife’s spinal cord operation back in July 7, 2015.


Tina and Ricky in El Nido

Tina and Ricky in El Nido

As some of you may know, our family went through a rough and sad time when sometime in June last year my dear wife Tina was diagnosed to have tumour inside her spinal cord. Yes, you read it right, inside her spinal cord. Her initial MRI showed the tumour may have been malignant.

I wrote about this sad yet inspiring story last July 1 and the article just went viral! I started this blog last month and the “SADDEST TIME OF MY LIFE”  was just my 8th article. My children have been urging me to write about Tina’s ordeal and I decided to do so in time for the one-year anniversary of her spine operation.

The morning after I published the story I told my son Paolo, “Look Pao, I’ve had more than a thousand views already!” That was already so much more than the normal traffic I get from my previous articles. From then on, my phone kept on alerting me on new comments and the number of views kept on rising by the minute. That day alone, July 2, there were already more than 300,000 views and hundreds of comments!


Saddest Time of My Life Goes Viral!

As of today, there are about 460,000 views of the story and most comments expressed praises upon us and so many were inspired and praised God! Many readers told us of their own ordeals and how the story inspired them and gave them hope. We are just so overwhelmed and humbled that our story touched thousands of hearts! It’s a great feeling!

That was a Saturday and we were going out to dinner with Paolo and his lovely wife Danee in this new place in Molito Alabang. I kidded Tina to prepare to be mobbed by would-be fans, owing to the viral post.

So, there we were waiting for our table in Brera Delicatessen when this foreigner approached us, his name is Allen and he runs the place. “Wait” he said, “I know you guys. You’re the ones in the story my wife sent me! So how are you doing Tina?” Allen said as he showed us his phone and the Facebook post of our blog.

We were so amazed. It happened. A total stranger recognized us because of the story. “Pick a wine you like, on me!” he said. And we were so thrilled and happy.

Allen of Brera Buys us a Bottle of Red Wine

Allen of Brera Buys us a Bottle of Red Wine

Dinner at Brera with Paolo and Danee

Dinner at Brera with Paolo and Danee

Tina’s ordeal and the miracle of her healing has moved thousands.

Unknown to most, Tina was getting anxious the past few weeks because she was due for her next MRI test on July 5. It is part of her post operation program to have a regular MRI to have a baseline and monitor the status of what remained of the tumour inside her spinal cord. Has the tumour grown? Did it remain the same? Is she safe and healed already?

Every morning, you’d see her pray the Divine Mercy Novena and then say the rosary. During her last MRI in January, Dr. Mercado was very happy to tell us that the tumour was very insignificant and that Tina was recovering marvellously. Six months since then, she had another MRI. After the tests, the nurse asked “Ma’m gusto nyo’ email namin yun results?” to which both of us said no thank you. We didn’t like to see the results without the doctor.

Last Sunday, Tina insisted that we hear Mass at the St. Padre Pio Shrine in Batangas. It was raining and the traffic going into the shrine was heavy. We had to park outside and walk a bit to make it. Tina was solemn and prayed profusely.


Tina insisted to Hear Mass at the St. Padre Pio Shrine in Batangas

Yesterday, July 13, we went to see Dr. Mercado in his clinic in Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital. Upon seeing her, Paul the secretary told Tina that they had read the article in Facebook and that all the other doctors, Dr. Mercado, Dr. Gimenez and Dr. Rañoa were very pleased and thankful for the blog.

We were there to hear what Dr. Mercado had to say about Tina’s latest MRI. Tina went inside the clinic ahead of me because the parking in Cardinal is impossible. By the time I entered the room of Dr. Mercado they had already discussed the results of the MRI.

What I heard was unbelievable and until now, I am still trying to absorb the information.

Dr. Mercado explained to me what he had earlier told Tina. I was all ears. The MRI results were posted in the wall with white back lights. They were the old ones and the latest ones. This he said is another “miracle!”. “What is it that you guys do? What do you have?” Dr. Mercado exclaimed.

“In my 37 years in practice, I’ve seen many things but I do not see something like this often.” He then pointed to the MRI slides. “The tumour is gone! It is gone!” I remember trembling a bit and teared up while I listened intently. I held the hand of Tina who looked so relieved and astonished.

Dr. Mercado was very emphatic and sentimental. He even requested us to leave the MRI slides for at least one day because he wanted to show them to his colleagues. He continued to tell us that whatever it is you’re doing, please continue doing it. He was visibly elated and excited. This is a “another miracle in the making!” he proclaimed.

Tina with Dr. Eduardo Mercado

Tina with Dr. Eduardo Mercado

When you hear a veteran doctor, a neurosurgeon at that, proclaim a miracle then it gives so much credibility and deep meaning. Tina’s tumour is gone! “Where did it go?” she asked. “We don’t know” Dr. Mercado said. “Pass by the chapel, say thank you and in whatever way you can, pay it forward to others.” he told us.

Hallelujah! It is God’s Miracle!

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  1. Millicent says:

    I’m so overwhelmed and overcome with a multitude of emotions. I’m truly amazed at your story and I am so joyful. Truly nothing is impossible with faith! Thank you for sharing your journey.

  2. Nimfa Alban says:

    Here I am again,commenting on an overwhelming miracle from our almighty Father.
    I used to pray the divine mercy..i felt everything was so light and deep within me, i know there was an improvement on my husband’s condition. He is gaining weight but lately his saliva secretion became too often. I realize I should have unwavering faith in God by not stopping to pray to the divine mercy. I got an insight on Tina’s faith in God which I should have….to never stop praying for my husband’s well being. Thank you for always inspiring us with your story.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Nimfa,we’ve been getting a lot of comments from readers who say that nothing is impossible with God. Tina is living testament to that. We will pray to for your husband ‘s healing. May the Lord be with you.

  3. Arleen says:

    Hi My Dearest ones on da other side of da world. I am grateful dat God is good to you! My Honey Bunny is going under da knife 2day for a joint cyst on Lumbar-3. It is his 7th surgery since August 2012. It started w/C-4 thru C-7 laminectomy & decompression of spinal. He has stenosis. They placed rods & brackets. After confinement for 3 months, Then, his neurosurgeon Dr. Erasthmus, gave him go signal for Bilateral hip replacements (root cause). The left & then the right hips at the washington hospital joint replacement center in fremont, ca with Dr. Dearborn in November 2013 & March 2014. Next surgery, L-4, L-5 & S-1 fusion (lower back) w/more rods, brackets for spacers in November 2014; over 5 mo post surgery of last one; He fell & cracked his skull & needed stitching across his head(82 stitches) April 2015 (1 week before our Waikiki trip & that did not stop him from taking stitches out a week later at Stanford. & the day we flew-out). In July 2015, his Neurosurgeon did an emergency L-3 hematoma; now L-3 joint cyst a year later July 15, 2015. I believe he’s ‘Incredible a Hulk’ & if he, like Tina, still are young to recover to well-being. Kaya Tins, keep positive & we will keep on praying dat u both will someday hab lesser pains…love lots, xoxo!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Oh my Arleen, that’s a whole lot of operations. We will pray for him. Stay strong and keep the faith.

      • Arleen says:

        His Neurosurgeon just discussed MRI today; not only has a joint cyst, but another blood clot at same spot like last year.. Surgery is definitely needed..

  4. Marivic says:

    Hi Rick and Tina,

    Life throws you curve balls, no matter how hard to try to avoid them. I’m testimony to that, and I guess you know that full well. But like you, we’ve survived. Not only survived but lived! Salute!

    I owe you, a lot and i haven’t forgotten.

  5. Annette says:

    I am so glad to hear the good news about Ms. Tina, praise God! Please say hi to her, we used to attend same meeting years ago.
    I’m a big fan of your blog ? Keep on posting inspiring stories.
    God bless

  6. Aissa N Montecillo says:

    Ricky and Tina, praise God for your faith in God’s healing power. Bless you for blessings us, by sharing your story. For many who think God doesn’t exist, this is proof that He is real and He heals his children!!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Aissa! We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of praise and blessings. Our story has touched so many. Praise the Lord!

  7. Mark Abadiano says:

    Praise God Alleluia! Indeed God still and will always do wonders and miracles!

  8. Anita says:

    You are blessed indeed! God is Good all the time……Praise is His Name! Your moving story is a testimony of God’s Mercy and Goodness. Your Faith is amazing and your support for each other is inspiring……May the Lord continue hi INfinite Mercy and Tina will be in my prayers…….

  9. Wendy R. Garcia says:

    Amazing journey! I hope it’s ok to share your story. I too believe in miracles; we need to share your story to prove that God is loving, merciful and omnipotent! God bless you always.

  10. Cora Villena says:

    Indeed, God is our Divine Healer!
    Faith, coupled with prayers and good works, can move mountains… erase whatever sickness and troubles.
    I am also a devotee of Padre Pio and the Divine Mercy.
    And I have experienced healing and restoration in my life as well.
    May you be more blessed as you declare His blessings and the wonders He has done.

  11. Nors G. Ismail says:

    wow! Simply amazing! 😀

    You know what? I believe that St. Padre Pio is really a divine intercessor for healing 🙂 The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy is also a great prayer… We always pray it 🙂
    God is sooo good!.. all the time! 😀

    Nothing… as in nothing is impossible with God! Praise the Lord! 😀

  12. Joel Garcia says:

    Hi Ricky and Tina, What a great story, I had an appointment today with Doctor Gilbert, on the way to the hospital, I read this along with the “Saddest Day” entry. Much to my surprise when I sat down in the clinic, I noticed the both of you sitting there. I wanted to say something, but refrained from doing so. I just smiled to myself and said how ironic was this? More power to the both of you and continued good health!!

    • ridingintandem says:

      Really?! What a coincidence! We were there for Tina’s yearly check up and Dr. Rañoa was pleased to say how good her MRI results are. Still, a miracle. Thanks for your feedback!

  13. Andrea says:

    Hi! I’m a 20-year old female student and I happened to see this blog while researching about my condition. Your wife and I has a very similar situation although I will be undergoing the operation next week. Same with your wife, in Cardinal Santos with Dr. Rañoa and Dr. Gimenez. Although I try to hide, I’m quite nervous and following this blog, it really inspired me and gave me a lot of hope! I was hoping that maybe we can talk about this on private especially what concerns me most is with the recovery. With you or your wife probably through email or whatnot would be really appreciated.

    • ridingintandem says:

      Hi Andrea, feel free to text me at 09175544555 or if you want I can also give you Tina’s number. Have faith in your doctors. Their the best. And trust in God.

    • ridingintandem says:

      You may email Tina Andrea—

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