Antong Falls

Antong Falls in Sison, Pangasinan is only about 220 kilometers from Metro Manila and is really just a short ride for us. From the Maharlika highway in Sison, we took a right turn towards Barangay Inmalog, which is the jump off point to Antong Falls.

On the first day, we were unable to proceed to the falls because we arrived already late or after noon time. By then heavy rains poured and we had to postpone our trek for the next day.

Wet ride to Asin, Benguet

Heavy downpour postpones our Trek to Antong Falls

Arriving at Riverview Water Park, Asin Benguet

We just proceeded to check-in at the Riverview Water Park in Asin, Benguet.

The ride going to Asin is quite enjoyable even as the rains fell. With our rain gears on, we rode to Asin Road, which is all paved but a bit narrow. It is winding and tricky. But the weather and the mountainous view makes for an enjoyable moto ride.

The resort is surprisingly well built and its rooms are clean. We booked a dorm type room which was enough for all 18 of us. The resort has 4 big swimming pools and several small ones with hot springs. If you go further up, the Asin road takes you to Baguio City.

What else does a group of 18 riding men do in a mountain resort? Of course we celebrated our weekend hall pass and acted like juvenile delinquents.

By 8pm, we downed several bottles and Johnny couldn’t walk anymore.

We checked out after breakfast the following day and rode back to Sison to Antong Falls. We arrived before lunch and our food prepared by the locals, were ready. Adobo, Nilagang manok with dahon ng ampalaya and steamed rice.

After lunch, we headed out for Antong Falls which to our pleasant surprise was only about half an hour away.

The falls is a regular picnic venue for many young locals. The water is refreshing. It has several levels and we enjoyed climbing up, swimming and getting natural massages from the strong gushing river.

Upon returning to the barangay hall, we gathered the children and distributed some toys and other goodies. The children’s joy is always infectious and we feel even better giving gifts to them.

And then we spent another day in a beach resort in nearby San Fabian, Dagupan.

We headed back home early in the morning of Sunday, just in time to spend Father’s day with our loved ones.

You get to learn a thing or two when go on long rides with our group. When we stopped in an intersection somewhere in Sison, as we were on our way to Dagupan, Albert Carag went down from his bike to buy something from the store.

When he came back, he was holding a plastic bag which contained an empty gatorade bottle. Then he smashed the bottle and threw it away in the trash can. “Pamarisan” he said.

It was a belief that when you experience something bad during the ride, like busting a signal light, you perform the breaking of a bottle to counter act the bad luck.

One time, Albert said, his friend did not do this after a minor incident, and he suffered a worse accident. The breaking of the bottle ritual probably disrupts the bad omen.

I also met for the first time Rajiv Murjani and Art Harrow.

Rajiv Murjani

Raj is a nice young fellow who you wouldn’t think is an airline Captain. He looks like a small young boy who went out to join a ride without his parents’ permission.

Looks can really be deceiving cause he rides a good looking BMW R9T scrambler, complete with crisp new riding gears. He also flies an Airbus regularly and modulates his voice over the PA system to sound authoritative.

Raj fit in perfectly with The Long Riders Motorcycle group. He is friendly and also a good sport.

Art Harrow on the other hand looks more like a 747 commander. He is of British descent and is tall and hefty. He is really a friendly fellow and has years of experience as a rider. The surprise of all was when we discovered we were actually school mates in grade school.

Art Harrow

We know common people but never really knew each other. We must’ve hung out with totally different crowds and I think his crowd were the good students. Funny how people can exist for several years in one campus and yet not bump into one another.

I learned from Art the importance of taking pictures of important documents such as your drivers license. He lost his wallet somewhere in SCTEX and his cell phone pictures at least contain his identification.

Lastly, I learned to make sure your battery is well charged and not old for a long ride. Good thing I have a portable jump starter.

And that my friends was our Father’s day weekend!

Master Chef and Visayan tycoon Sael

The Long Riders

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