August 26, 2019


How else can one describe such a wonderful creation of nature? God must’ve have had an inspired moment when he made Kaparkan Falls. Carved out by mountain spring water throughout hundreds of years and never touched by man until only recently.

I never would have thought I’d see such a hidden gem here in the country, so majestic, just like an image from a fantasy film by Pixar and Disney. Artists can take a tons of inspiration from Kaparkan.

Kaparkan Falls is God’s work of Art

Our group of motorcycle adventurers called The Long Riders are fortunate to go to unknown but beautiful places in the country. We’ve seen many hidden gems, including numerous waterfalls but Kaparkan Falls just raised the bar for us last weekend. It is by far the best I’ve seen and it will be hard to top this.

Coming from our more than 400 kilometer ride to Tayum town, 5 kilomteres from Bangued, Abra, we checked out the Blu Gas station, our meeting place for the next day’s tour to Kaparkan. We booked our tour with Abramazing tours.

Farm View Inn

Tayum is a laid back town and is said to be a 5th class municipality. We looked for a place to stay for the night and fortunately we discovered Farm View Inn. It is a very provincial local Inn owned by old timer Roger Elveña.

As we inquired about accommodations, Mang Roger chatted with us. Turns out that he used to be a Police provincial commander of Bangued, and eventually ended up being elected as Mayor of Tayum, his hometown, for three consecutive terms back in the 90s.

Rescue, Mang Roger Elveña and Bong

He is very hospitable and engaging, and he strikes me as a kind hearted person. How I wish all politicians are as humble and kind as Mang Roger.

Abra, as most of us know, has always been considered as a political hotspot, because of local partisanship and the communist insurgency. However, Mang Roger says it is safer nowadays. (Just don’t watch the news)

We had the place to ourselves. All 15 of us and had more than enough space to park our big bikes.

We had a couple (of bottles) of drinks to relax and be merry. The Karaoke blared all night and it became Beatles Night. Let it be!

Beatle’s night!

We were all excited when we got up early for the 6:30 call time. We were going to ride a 6×6 military-like truck, along with 25 other visitors. The humongous truck was filled with passengers on the right, left and middle of its bed.

From Tayum it takes about an hour to the take-off point before the rough roads. As moto riders, we said that we could have just brought our adventure bikes. We didn’t know then how rough the roads are. Halfway through the ride, we realized that we couldn’t have made the it to the falls had we brought our motorcycles.

The Long Riders

In fact, the driver and crew of our truck had to install big chains on the truck’s tires for the muddy ride. While it is only a 9 kilometer travel to the falls, it would take us almost 3 hours! The truck ride surprised even our veteran 4×4 drivers in the group. All of us never experienced such a wild, bumpy ride ever.

6×6 truck fitted with chains

The ruts were so deep the truck’s tires were almost sinking entirely. The climbs were steep and the downhills trickier. It was also raining most of the time, which made the mud more slippery. Sael Requierme a 4×4 driver himself said, if not for the chains, we would have surely slid off the tracks.

Gladfully, our driver is an expert. He used to drive big trucks for logging runs. As for us, we felt like clothes being turned and twisted inside a washing machine.

We had to walk for another 30 minutes to reach the Kaparkan Falls.

The sight, the beauty of Kaprakan Falls washed away all our weariness. This is really made in heaven. No matter how we tried, pictures cannot really capture its beauty. Kaparkan Falls is really something we never even dreamed of.

Wern and Cris

Albert, Restie and Ruel

Century old Balete tree

Bong, Von and Wern


The journey is difficult. Rough and scary. But I cannot help but recommend it to others. Visit Kaparkan Falls and experience the tough journey but get to see God’s work of art.


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