Morning Breeze in Sariaya, Quezon

September 24, 2020


With all the quarantine lockdowns for the past 6 months, people just need to get out, breathe and socialize a little. Otherwise, we go crazy.

Morning Breeze Beach Resort is not too far from Metro Manila. The drive would normally take only less than 2 hours when you pass thru SLEX onto to Star Toll and exit via Ibaan.

Morning Breeze Beach Resort

From there you pass the  Quezon Eco-Tourism Road which starts from Rosario Batangas to San Juan and to Candelaria. Morning Breeze Beach Resort is located along the Eco-Tourism Road in Sariaya town, Quezon. A short trip.

However, The Long Riders or TLR did not take the easy short ride to Morning Breeze. We took the longer route via Los Baños, Pagsanjan in Laguna onto to moutains of Cavinti and exited in Tayabas Quezon.

For motorcycle riders like us, it was a longer, better and more scenic route.

We had brunch at the Tita Dels restaurant in Pagsanjan and surprisingly the food was terrific and priced right.

Tita Dels Fiesta Cuisine

Rodel, Carlo, Restie, Randy, Ricky and Bong



We had Crispy Pata, Kare-kare, Crispy Crablets and Balaw-balaw. The place has rustic castillian design. It didn’t take long for the food to be prepared and the service was efficient and friendly.

Pagsanjan is a traditional tourist spot, because of the famous Pagsanjan Falls and its shooting the rapids ride, and maybe it’s the reason why establishments are used to giving good service and best native foods. Hopefully, when our not-so-friendly-ghost Covid-19 leaves, tourism will return to Pagsanjan.

Our ride thru the Cavinti mountains was pleasant and was a much-needed breather. It’s been months since we have ridden long enough. The fresh air and rich vegetation of Cavinti gave us a feel of being motorcycle riders once again.

The roads to Morning Breeze Beach Resot was paved all the way until we turned right into the dirt road towards its entrance. It’s been raining the past days and the road was muddy and had some water-filled ruts.

Muddy Trails

Restie Renia, TLR’s guru, who surveyed the place a couple of weeks ago kept this muddy portion as his surprise. A ride won’t be complete without some tricky dirt roads and this was wet and wild. Sneaky.

And so we proceeded with our big elephant adventure bikes on a quick and dirty pass.

Morning Breeze Beach Resort is a small resort with some modest rooms and bahay kubos. After several months of quarantine and no business, it is only now that they are starting to accept visitors. Covid-19 is still infecting people and Sariaya is being careful.

Rodel Velasco

There weren’t many people in the resort and it was tranaquil and peaceful. Some of the guys pitched tents and some slept in the small aircon rooms while others just occupied the small huts by the beach.

We parked our bikes near our quarters and the place looked like a Touatech Addventure event.

Jake and his Vulcan

Hippie on a Harley – Cris

The owners Ate Rose and Kuya Eugene showed us good ole’ provincial hospitality. They made us feel welcome and ensured our comfort and safety during our stay. The gracious couple and their staff prepared our dinner, some snacks and breakfast.

Ate Rose

Coffee and Corn with Kuya Eugene

During the afternoon happy hour and into the night we had some brotherhood bonding, sharing stories and joking around.

The beach sand is color brown and without any artificial Dolomite white sand. The waters of Tayabas Bay was calm during our stay and clean. We took an afternoon dip to cool ourselves.

The community still manages to catch fish from the sea for livelihood and family consumption.


The children of Morning Breeze community were also delighted in receiving the toys, new slippers and other goodies from us. Children are magic and their innocence is always inspiring.

Children receives goodies

Beneath the bad-boy-macho image of motorcycle riders, we do have soft spots especially for the less fortunate. This habit of giving goodies to poor children whenever we ride is signature TLR.

Waking up to the fresh air of Morning Breeze, we strolled by the beach. There were fisher folks pulling their nets towards the shore. The air was cool and there was some slight morning drizzle. Two rainbows appeared.

Morning Catch


Ricky with the rainbow

Feeling relaxed and rejuvinated, now we can head back home to our families. Thanks for the short but enjoyable ride with The Long Riders!

Atty. Paul Yusi

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